Ch 22: Civilizations & Change

About This Chapter

This chapter's lessons will teach you about some of the world's great civilizations and the significant changes that they experienced through their history. Watch or read these lessons to learn about key subjects from these historical periods.

Civilizations & Change - Chapter Summary

If you are studying up on subjects from world history, it's a good idea to make sure that you specifically study great civilizations from human history and the issues that drove political change and cultural evolution in those societies. You can learn about the changes that affected some of these civilizations by reviewing the text and video lessons included in this chapter.

Each chapter will teach you about a different civilization or issue that drove changes in that particular society. Our lesson instructors have extensive experience teaching these particular historical topics, and will share their expertise with you in a convenient and easy-to-use online format. Topics you will learn about include:

  • Medieval feudalism
  • The Ghana Empire
  • Muslim states in Africa
  • Islam in India and West Africa
  • Christianity in medieval Europe

Once you complete a specific chapter, you can test your recollection of the main points from that topic by answering the questions in the lesson's practice quiz. When you complete the entire chapter, you can also take the final chapter exam to ensure that you have understood the overall subject. Your personal Dashboard can be used to keep track of your learning progress as you move through the chapter.

7 Lessons in Chapter 22: Civilizations & Change
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Japan (600-1400 CE): Beliefs, Reforms & Rulers

1. Japan (600-1400 CE): Beliefs, Reforms & Rulers

In this lesson, we explore the Middle Ages in Japan, from the classical era of imperial Japan to the feudal era of intermittent and regional warfare that followed it.

What is Medieval Feudalism? - Definition, Structure & History

2. What is Medieval Feudalism? - Definition, Structure & History

In this lesson, you'll learn about the historical background, basic structure, and general nature of feudalism as practiced in Medieval Europe between the 9th and 15th centuries.

The Ghana Empire in Africa (830-1235 CE)

3. The Ghana Empire in Africa (830-1235 CE)

This lesson explores the Ghana Empire of West Africa. In doing so, it highlights the gold and salt trade of the region, which made the empire wealthy. It also discusses the importance of iron smelting and taxation.

The Rise of Muslim States in Africa

4. The Rise of Muslim States in Africa

In this lesson, you will explore the rise of Islam in Africa and discover how Muslim states grew in size and power. Then, test your understanding with a brief quiz.

Islam's Spread in West Africa

5. Islam's Spread in West Africa

This lesson explains the gradual spread of Islam into West Africa. In doing so, it discusses the influence of the Berbers and the trans-Saharan caravan trade of the Saharan region.

Islamic Expansion & Influence in India

6. Islamic Expansion & Influence in India

While Islam would never manage to convert more than a small percentage of India's population, it would have a considerable impact on the history of India, as well as the development of culture in the subcontinent.

Spread of Christianity in Medieval Europe

7. Spread of Christianity in Medieval Europe

Christianity may have began as a small religious tradition in the Middle East, but it soon spread throughout much of the known world. This lesson takes a look at how Christianity spread throughout Europe in the early Middle Ages.

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