Ch 33: CLEP Social Sciences and History: Colonialism in the Western World

About This Chapter

Watch fun and fast videos that detail the history of Western colonialism. Use the lesson quizzes that follow to confirm your knowledge of major wars, figures and events of this period in world history.

CLEP Social Sciences and History: Colonialism in the Western World - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Follow the spread of colonialism throughout Europe and into the new world. This chapter examines the wars, key figures, inventions and philosophies of the period of exploration and colonialism throughout the Western world. You'll learn about the Holy Leagues, the English Civil War and the Commercial Revolution, while getting an introduction to ideas and philosophies of Rene Descartes, Cardinal Richelieu and Francis Bacon. When you're finished watching these lessons, you'll be knowledgeable about:

  • The Long War
  • Baroque architecture
  • Galileo and his telescope
  • Union of religion and philosophy
  • New world conflicts
  • Economic impact of colonization

Video Objective
Holy Leagues: Christians vs. Turks by Sea Witness the battles at sea between the Christians and the Turks.
The Long War: Christians vs. Turks by Land Describe the battles that raged between the Turks and Christians.
Colonialism Across Europe Map the areas around the globe where Europeans started forming colonies.
Baroque Art & Architecture Discover characteristics and styles of Baroque sculpture, art and architecture.
Francis Bacon: History, Ideas and Legacy Assess ideas introduced by Francis Bacon, see details of his life and determine his legacy.
Cardinal Richelieu and his Influence on the World Study the ways this secular religious individual made a lasting impact on the world.
Galileo, the Telescope & The Church Examine the telescope discovered by Galileo and find out how it was received by the church.
Rene Descartes and the Union of Religion and Philosophy Learn more about the connection between religion and philosophy and Rene Descartes contributions.
Jamestown: Conflict in the New World Examine the resistance that settlers encountered from natives and the response from Europe.
The Gunpowder Treason: England After Elizabeth I Trace the history of England from the end of Elizabeth I's reign to present day.
The English Civil War: Failure of the Monarchy & Rise of Theocracy Identify the key events that led to the downfall of the monarchy and the introduction of theocracy.
The Commercial Revolution: Economic Impact of Exploration and Colonization on Europe Examine mercantilism, banking and capitalism concepts that resulted from European colonization.

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