Ch 8: Overview of Anthropology

About This Chapter

Learn about the field of anthropology and its various subgroups by watching engaging lessons and taking quizzes. Take the chapter exam to make sure you understand all the components of this field.

CLEP Social Sciences and History: Overview of Anthropology - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

This chapter gives you a glimpse into the field of anthropology, including different areas of study and its connection to science and the humanities. You'll compare and contrast the various subgroups, such as physical and cultural anthropology and get a quick look at the study of cultural phenomena. The professionals who teach these lessons are experts in this field, and the videos use fun graphics and animations to help you quickly learn and retain the info. After watching these lessons, you'll understand:

  • Anthropology's scope
  • Linguistic anthropology
  • Elements of archaeological anthropology
  • Ethnography

Video Objective
Understanding the Field of Anthropology Trace the development of anthropology as a discipline and connect it to other fields of study.
Overview of Physical Anthropology Highlight the characteristics of this subgroup and compare it to other subgroups.
What is Cultural Anthropology? Study the elements of cultural anthropology and find out how it's different from other subgroups.
Understanding Linguistic Anthropology See the components of linguistic anthropology and how it's connected to cultural and physical anthropology.
Overview of Archaeological Anthropology Examine the tenets of archaeological anthropology then see how it fits in with the other subgroups within anthropology.
What Is Ethnography? - Studying Cultural Phenomena Assess this qualitative research method and its uses.
Overview of Paleoanthropology Discover the origins of this subgroup and determine how it is linked to the study of anthropology as a whole.

7 Lessons in Chapter 8: Overview of Anthropology
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Understanding the Field of Anthropology

1. Understanding the Field of Anthropology

This lesson offers a brief overview of the field of anthropology and explains terms like 'Homo sapien' as well as the works of Charles Darwin and Franz Boas.

Overview of Physical Anthropology

2. Overview of Physical Anthropology

This lesson will seek to give an overview of physical anthropology, a branch of science that encompasses both biology and social science. In doing so, it will highlight fossils, Homo Sapiens, and paleontology.

What is Cultural Anthropology?

3. What is Cultural Anthropology?

This lesson will be a brief overview of cultural anthropology. It will highlight the concept of culture while also defining the main branches of archaeology, anthropological linguistics, and ethnology.

Understanding Linguistic Anthropology

4. Understanding Linguistic Anthropology

This lesson will seek to give an overview of linguistic anthropology. In doing so, it will highlight the specialty areas of historical, descriptive, and sociolinguistics, as well as the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.

Overview of Archaeological Anthropology

5. Overview of Archaeological Anthropology

This lesson will give an overview of archaeological anthropology. In doing so, it will explain the concept of prehistory, the specialty of historical archaeology, and the terms 'artifact' and 'excavate.'

What Is Ethnography? - Studying Cultural Phenomena

6. What Is Ethnography? - Studying Cultural Phenomena

Researchers use various methods to answer questions. Some questions cannot be answered through quantitative measures; they are best addressed through qualitative research methods, such as ethnography. This lesson will discuss the defining qualities, methods, and uses of ethnography.

Overview of Paleoanthropology

7. Overview of Paleoanthropology

In this lesson, you will explore the subfield of anthropology called paleoanthropology. You will discover the goals and techniques of this discipline, and test your understanding with a brief quiz.

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