Ch 3: CLEP Social Sciences and History: The American Revolution

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons to explore the causes and effects of the American Revolution, as well as the key figures and battles that shaped the event. Assess your comprehension of the chapter's topics by completing a short quiz that accompanies each lesson.

The American Revolution - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Taking place in the late 18th century, the American Revolution turned a group of British colonies into the United States. This defining period in U.S. history had tremendous political, economic and social effects on the people who called the new nation home. In this chapter, you'll examine key Revolutionary War battles, the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the impact of the Revolution on American society. The video lessons cover topics like:

  • What strategies were used in major Revolutionary battles
  • How the Declaration of Independence was created
  • What factors contributed to the public's demand for independence
  • How the positions of the Loyalists and Patriots differed
  • How George Washington's leadership impacted key Revolutionary War outcomes
  • What events led to the end of the American Revolution

Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill: The American Revolution BeginsLearn about the outbreak of the Revolutionary War and the impact of battles at Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill.
The Second Continental Congress and Thomas Paine's Common SenseDiscover how Paine's Common Sense, as well as the Second Continental Congress, helped sway the public towards the side of independence.
The Declaration of Independence: Text, Signers and LegacyTake a look at the Declaration of Independence's content and its effects.
British Loyalists vs. American Patriots During the American RevolutionExamine the factors that affected the views of Loyalists and Patriots.
George Washington's Leadership at Trenton, Saratoga & Valley ForgeLearn about the strategies George Washington used at Trenton, the Battle of Saratoga and Valley Forge.
John Paul Jones and the Naval Battles of the Revolutionary WarFind out about key Revolutionary War naval battles and the leadership of John Paul Jones.
Loyalists in the Southern Colonies at the End of the Revolutionary WarDiscover Britain's strategy that depended on Loyalists in the South.
The Battle of Yorktown and the Treaty of ParisLearn about the last significant battle of the war and the content of the Treaty of Paris.
American Revolution: Social and Economic ImpactTake a look at how American society and the economy were altered by the Revolution.
The Second Great Awakening: Charles Finney and Religious RevivalExplore the resurgence of religion and spirituality in the post-Revolution U.S.

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