Ch 32: CLEP Social Sciences and History: The Elizabethan Era

About This Chapter

These lessons and quizzes can help you learn all about happenings during the Elizabethan Era. Study religious wars, England's Golden Age and events in Eastern Europe.

CLEP Social Sciences and History: The Elizabethan Era - Chapter Summary

Watch these video lessons to learn about the world during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Find out about the struggles between Protestant and Catholic governments of the day. Our instructors will guide you through a thorough, but fun, study of the Elizabethan era in these video lessons. After completing this chapter, you'll be set to:

  • Discuss the religious conflicts during the reigns of Catholic Queen Mary and Protestant Queen Elizabeth
  • Relate English achievements during its Golden Age
  • Give an overview of Shakespeare and his works
  • Analyze the causes and impact of religious warfare during this period
  • Report on the royal houses of Habsburg and Bourbon
  • Show occurrences in Eastern Europe during the Reformation

Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth: Catholic vs. AnglicanDetermine how a feud between two monarchs translated into one between two religions.
Queen Elizabeth I and England's Golden AgeAddress Queen Elizabeth I's role during the Golden Age in England.
Introduction to Shakespeare: Life and WorksSummarize the life of Shakespeare and identify his most significant works.
The 30 Years War: Catholics vs. ProtestantsSee how a religious war developed into a political one.
Religious Warfare Across Europe During the ReformationIdentify different aspects of religious warfare during the Reformation in Europe.
The Netherlands During the ReformationDetermine important events in the Netherlands throughout the Reformation years.
The 80 Years War and the Spanish ArmadaStudy this war and the role of the Spanish Armada.
Westphalia and Peace of Augsburg: States' Rise to Sovereignty and Decline of the EmpireAddress the rise of sovereignty and the downfall of the empire with a focus on Westphalia.
The History of the House of Bourbon in the ReformationAnalyze the significance of the Bourbon dynasty.
The Habsburg Dynasty in the ReformationLearn about the power and history of the Habsburg family.
Eastern Europe During the ReformationStudy events in Poland, Lithuania, and Bohemia during this time period.

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