Ch 28: CLEP Social Sciences and History: The Late Middle Ages in Europe

About This Chapter

The Late Middle Ages in Europe chapter consists of brief, engaging online video lessons that are designed to teach you about literature, politics, wars and religions in European history. In part, you'll learn about the revolt of the peasants during the fourteenth century, and you'll discover the role of Joan of Arc in the Hundred Years' War. When you finish watching the video lessons, you can take the multiple-choice quizzes that are included.

CLEP Social Sciences and History: The Late Middle Ages in Europe - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

With details about topics such as the Little Ice Age and the development of the longbow, this Late Middle Ages in Europe chapter provides an overview of life during this historical era. Read about the division of the French cardinals as well as the election of three popes to the Catholic church. After you've watched the video lessons in this chapter, you might understand more about:

  • The events of the Great Schism
  • Northern and southern Europe's famine during the fourteenth century
  • The development of the nation-state in Western Europe

Video Objective
Christian Antisemitism in Medieval Europe Read about the origins of antisemitism.
Babylonian Captivity of the Church and the Decline of Papal Authority Explore the events that led to the exile of the Jews to Babylon.
The Western Schism and the Tale of 3 Popes Discover how the election of three popes led to a division within the Catholic church.
Dante's Divine Comedy and the Growth of Literature in the Middle Ages Explore the philosophies and poems of Dante.
The Hundred Years' War: England vs. France Learn about the major battles of England and France.
The Longbow in the Hundred Years' War Describe the significance of the longbow and distinguish it from the crossbow.
Joan of Arc and the End of the Hundred Years' War Read about Joan of Arc's contributions to famous French battles and the events of her trial.
The Little Ice Age and the Black Death Discover the ways in which plagues and famine contributed to a decline in Europe's population.
Fourteenth Century Peasant Revolts Across Europe Examine the conditions that led the peasants to revolt.
The Development of Monarchical Nation States: the Rise of Power Explore the transition from feudalism to the nation-state.

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