Ch 5: CLEP Social Sciences and History: The Virginia Dynasty

About This Chapter

View these video lessons and explore the factors that shaped and changed the Virginia Dynasty during the early years of the United States. Each lesson comes with a quiz, so you can test how much you have learned.

The Virginia Dynasty - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

As a newly-established country, the United States faced many challenges during the early 19th century. The presidents during this era had to navigate through the trappings of domestic politics while still keeping their eyes on developing foreign affairs. Government systems of power had yet to establish themselves, but they still had to maintain their authority to keep the burgeoning country running. As you go through these lessons, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the growing pains that our young nation went through. This chapter is designed to teach you about:

  • Details concerning the presidential terms of Jefferson and Madison
  • Changes to industrial and social practices
  • American expansion
  • Early American controversies and conspiracies

Video Objective
The Election & Presidency of Thomas Jefferson Learn about the presidential election and the revolution of 1800, establish differences between the Democratic-Republican Party and the Federalist Party, define Jeffersonian democracy, explain the Louisiana Purchase, point out the important factors of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and scrutinize the Burr conspiracy.
Barbary Pirates, Napoleonic Wars and Embargo of 1807 Go over the international diplomacy issues that Jefferson faced, and pay special attention to the following topics: the Napoleonic wars, Barbary pirates, the 1807 embargo, and impressment controversies.
James Madison's Presidency: the War of 1812 & the Monroe Doctrine Delve into the events of Madison's presidency, analyze the battle of Tippecanoe, review the war of 1812, evaluate the Battle of New Orleans, elaborate on Henry Clay's American system, inspect the Monroe doctrine, and study the various treaties that took place during this time.
John Marshall's Supreme Court During the Virginia Dynasty Identify how Marbury vs. Madison, along with other early landmark decisions, shaped the American judiciary.
Economic Expansion in the 1800s: Slavery, Immigration & Corporations Define how the following developments affected the U.S. economy during this moment in history: corporations, infrastructure, population growth, and slavery.
American Industrialization: Factory System and Market Revolution Explore how certain inventions encouraged production to move toward the factory system, and decipher how this change in production impacted the market economy.
Education in Early America: Birth of Public Schools and Universities Establish the factors that led to changes in education, and describe the structure of academic institutions during this era.
Henry Clay and the Missouri Compromise of 1820 Break down how the Missouri Compromise led to sectional tensions, and investigate how Henry Clay and the other second-generation American politicians dealt with these tensions.

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