Ch 34: Climate & Seasons

About This Chapter

You can watch the video lessons included in this chapter to learn about the Earth's climate and seasons. Each of these lessons will cover a different topic relevant to geographical climates.

Climate & Seasons - Chapter Summary

You can learn some important topics on the climate and seasons of the Earth by watching the video lessons found in this chapter. Our lesson instructors will provide point-by-point accounts of these topics in a convenient online format.

The lessons will first go over the characteristics of the Earth's climate and the various elements that affect it. Then, you will explore different examples of the Earth's climate in action, and learn about the causes and effects of weather patterns. Specific topics you will study include:

  • What determines a region's climate
  • The effect of geography on climate
  • The jet stream and global wind patterns
  • The patterns of ocean circulation and their effect on climate
  • Climate classifications
  • The four seasons around the world

The video tags in each lesson will allow you to jump to the main points in each video without having to start from the beginning. Once you have completed the lessons, you can answer the questions on the practice quizzes to see what you recall. You can also track your progress by using your personal Dashboard.

7 Lessons in Chapter 34: Climate & Seasons
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Natural Factors That Determine a Region's Climate

1. Natural Factors That Determine a Region's Climate

Climate is influenced by factors like atmosphere, ocean currents, landforms and plate tectonics. This lesson explains how these effects affect our weather patterns, which determine climate.

How Geography Affects Climate

2. How Geography Affects Climate

Have you ever wondered why the Earth has so many different climates? In this lesson, you will learn about the relationships between geography and climate that help provide an explanation about the differences.

Jet Streams & the Polar Front

3. Jet Streams & the Polar Front

You've probably heard about jet streams during the news weather segment. But what is a jet stream? This lesson will explain how jet streams form, what they are and then will focus on the polar jet stream.

The Global Wind Patterns of the Three Wind Belts

4. The Global Wind Patterns of the Three Wind Belts

You are familiar with wind, but did you know there are different wind belts depending on where you are on the earth? This lesson will examine the three main wind belts: polar easterlies, tropical easterlies and prevailing westerlies.

Ocean Circulation: Patterns & Effect on Climate

5. Ocean Circulation: Patterns & Effect on Climate

The ocean waters are always in motion and as they travel around the globe they carry and distribute heat, which affects the global climate. Learn about the ocean circulation patterns and how they impact the climate.

Climate Classifications & Their Global Distribution

6. Climate Classifications & Their Global Distribution

Earth has many climates, but we can categorize them based on common characteristics. In this video lesson you will identify the 5 major climate classifications on Earth, as well as where on Earth these climates are found.

Geography of the Four Seasons

7. Geography of the Four Seasons

This lesson will explain how the earth's axis and rotation affect seasons. In doing this, it will also highlight the concept of the summer and winter solstices, as well as how seasons vary around the globe.

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