Ch 14: Clothing, Textiles & Technology

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If you're studying for a test on textiles and need some help, look no further than this engaging chapter on textiles, clothing and technology. You can access these short lessons and multiple-choice quizzes at any time on your mobile device or computer to prepare for exam day.

Clothing, Textiles & Technology - Chapter Summary

Our experienced instructors outline topics relating to textiles, technology and clothing in this chapter. When you work through these lessons, you'll review the textile industry, types of textile fibers and commonly used textile care symbols. You'll also take a look at the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act. Once you complete this chapter, you should be ready to:

  • Detail the types of machines used in the textile industry
  • Outline the selection, use and maintenance of sewing machines
  • Identify what a textile designer's job entails
  • Define the different types of textile fabrics
  • Discuss the process of selecting fabric and patterns for making clothes
  • Explain the techniques used in fabric and garment design
  • Describe the supplies and techniques used in textile preservation
  • Explore the standards of garment construction

We've taken the stress out of studying clothing, textiles and technology with these easy-to-follow lessons. Each lesson is coupled with a multiple-choice quiz to assess your understanding. If you have any questions as you work through the chapter, our professional instructors are here to help.

13 Lessons in Chapter 14: Clothing, Textiles & Technology
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What is the Textile Industry?

1. What is the Textile Industry?

We all have our favorite article of clothing, but have you ever wondered where that piece of clothing began? In this lesson we'll learn all about the textile industry, which creates things like our clothing and many other items we love.

Textile Care Symbols

2. Textile Care Symbols

Textiles are a big part of our lives, so we'd better know how to take care of them. In this lesson, we are going to check out some of the most common symbols that tell us exactly how to care for the textiles we love.

Textile Fibers: Definition, Properties & Types

3. Textile Fibers: Definition, Properties & Types

Textile fibers are an extremely important part of the textile manufacturing process. In this lesson, we're going to explore various kinds of textile fibers and see what makes them right for the job.

Textile Fiber Products Identification Act

4. Textile Fiber Products Identification Act

There are many laws which we don't often think about but which have some pretty big impacts on our lives. In this lesson, we'll talk about one such piece of legislation, the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act, and explore both its history and use in modern society.

Textile Laws & Regulations

5. Textile Laws & Regulations

Have you ever wondered where the fabric in your shirt or pants came from, or who sewed your clothes? The people and operations involved in making your clothes are governed by laws that address things like safety and trade. In this lesson, learn about textile laws and regulations.

Textile Industry: Types of Machines

6. Textile Industry: Types of Machines

Because so many things we need and use daily is made from fabric, it is not surprising that there are many machines responsible for creating all of those products. In this lesson, we will learn all about the textile industry and the machines that take a raw material and end with a finished product.

Sewing Machine Selection, Use & Maintenance

7. Sewing Machine Selection, Use & Maintenance

This lesson offers guidance for selecting a sewing machine based on one's needs. We will also walk through the use of the sewing machine with safety tips. Finally, we will discuss maintenance to ensure a well-functioning machine.

What is a Textile Designer?

8. What is a Textile Designer?

We are so used to having textiles all around us, but we might not realize how much effort goes into creating them. In this lesson, we'll explore the role and duties of the textile designer and see how they help create the designs in our lives.

Textile Fabrics: Definition & Types

9. Textile Fabrics: Definition & Types

The ability to identify the different types of textile fabrics is important in the design industry. In this lesson, we'll learn the definition of a textile fabric and explore the different types of textiles, including their sources and uses.

Selecting Patterns & Fabric for Making Clothes

10. Selecting Patterns & Fabric for Making Clothes

Do you have a favorite shirt or dress? Have you ever thought about making your own clothing? In this lesson, learn some basics about how to select patterns and fabrics to make clothes.

Fabric & Garment Design Techniques

11. Fabric & Garment Design Techniques

Have you ever tried to customize an item of clothing? How do you make something like a shirt or jacket? In this lesson, explore fabric and garment design techniques and learn important steps in the process.

Textile Preservation: Techniques & Supplies

12. Textile Preservation: Techniques & Supplies

Textile art is becoming more widely appreciated, but that means that more people are having to learn about textile care. In this lesson, we'll explore the main forms of textile preservation, and consider the benefits and risks of each.

Standards of Garment Construction

13. Standards of Garment Construction

How do you choose a shirt or jacket to buy? Do you look at how it's made? We want our clothes to look and feel good. In this lesson, explore standards of garment construction.

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