Ch 6: Cloud Security

About This Chapter

In this chapter, your employees will get an overview of cloud security methods. These simple lessons are great resources for professional knowledge/skill development, and they're accessible online whenever your employees have time to learn essential cloud computing topics.

Cloud Security - Chapter Summary

This helpful corporate learning chapter can get your staff quickly up to speed on the essentials of cloud security. Broken into short topical lessons, this chapter is designed to educate your employees on cloud computing security requirements as well as approaches for securing applications and data in the cloud. Our lessons come with short quizzes that can verify your employees' comprehension of the material. You can integrate these lessons in any training session, or you can have your employees review them on their own time.

How It Helps

  • Builds awareness: The chapter helps your staff become aware of several cloud security approaches.
  • Names effective security tools: The chapter offers a lesson on application security tools for cloud computing.
  • Improves security: Employees will gain an understanding of cloud security methods, which can help your organization become more secure while using cloud technologies.

Skills Covered

By the end of the chapter, your staff should be able to:

  • Recognize cloud computing security requirements
  • Understand the importance of cloud data security
  • Name tools that can be used to secure application in the cloud
  • Discuss the practical applications of security testing for cloud computing

4 Lessons in Chapter 6: Cloud Security
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Cloud Computing Security: Approaches & Requirements

1. Cloud Computing Security: Approaches & Requirements

This lesson covers the security aspect of the cloud computing environment. You will study the additional security concerns that are related to cloud computing and the techniques to address them.

Securing Data in the Cloud: Approaches & Importance

2. Securing Data in the Cloud: Approaches & Importance

In this lesson we will understand what it means to secure data in the Cloud. We will examine the security of data at rest and data in motion. We will look at how encryption is used in securing data at rest and the application of security protocols for securing data in motion. We will understand the different processes entailed in maintaining encryption keys and the importance of data transaction auditing.

Securing Applications in the Cloud: Approaches & Tools

3. Securing Applications in the Cloud: Approaches & Tools

Is it completely safe for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to give consumer control over their resources? In this lesson, we will look into the possible Cloud app security threats and explain how Cloud app vulnerabilities are handled.

Practical Application for Cloud Computing: Web Applications Security Testing

4. Practical Application for Cloud Computing: Web Applications Security Testing

Security is a major concern for both service providers and consumers within the cloud computing environment and the availability of security checking tools is advantageous for both. This lesson introduces Security Scanner, a cloud-based software tool designed to assist consumers in checking common vulnerabilities in the web applications they deploy in the Google App Engine. We demonstrate how to use this tool and the results it produces.

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