Ch 3: Color Systems & Applied Color Theory

About This Chapter

Work through our lessons to learn all about color systems and applied color theory. This is an important concept to know in order to successfully interior design. This chapter was designed to help you reach your studying goals.

Color Systems & Applied Color Theory - Chapter Summary

This chapter provides detailed information on color systems and applied color theory. Lessons cover material such as the color wheel and color space. If you find yourself struggling through the chapter, you can reach out to our instructors who would be more than happy to clarify anything you need. The entertaining lessons will help you learn things like:

  • What are the uses of a color model
  • What the definition of color space is
  • What are the different types of a color wheel
  • How to read a color wheel
  • Who was responsible for creating the color wheel
  • How to teach color theory to others
  • The relationship between color theory and interior design

7 Lessons in Chapter 3: Color Systems & Applied Color Theory
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What is a Color Model? - Uses & Definition

1. What is a Color Model? - Uses & Definition

How does your laptop computer produce such brilliant color? How do printers create the color for a glossy travel magazine? In this lesson, you will learn the definition of a color model and explore some of its uses.

Color Space: Definition & Conversion

2. Color Space: Definition & Conversion

Look around. There's color everywhere. But how does it get to your computer screen or the pages of a comic book? By using a color space. In this lesson, you'll learn about color space, what it is and how to convert from one to another.

What is a Color Wheel? - Definition & Types

3. What is a Color Wheel? - Definition & Types

In this lesson, you'll learn what a color wheel is and see some different types. Artists and designers use color wheels to help them remember what colors work best with each other.

How to Read & Use a Color Wheel

4. How to Read & Use a Color Wheel

A color wheel is one of the most basic tools that an artist has. In this lesson, we are going to explore this device and see how one is made and used.

Who Invented the Color Wheel?

5. Who Invented the Color Wheel?

Deciding on a paint color can be a difficult thing. When you go to the paint section of a store, you find yourself in front of a wall of hundreds of different shades of colors. All of these come from six basic colors, which were placed on a color wheel by one man- Sir Isaac Newton.

Teaching Color Theory

6. Teaching Color Theory

The color wheel is the launching point of many interesting lessons in color theory. From early childhood finger painting to secondary collages, there are many methods of teaching color theory. The following lesson presents a few ideas.

Color Theory & Interior Design

7. Color Theory & Interior Design

Color theory is the examination of how color can affect how a person reacts to the colors they see. In interior design, this can be used to create a space that has a distinct look, evokes a desired mood, or encompasses a particular style.

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