Ch 6: Comma Rules: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.7.2A

About This Chapter

Build on your students' skills in comma usage with these engaging videos. Get ideas for using these videos in the classroom by checking out the activities below.

Standard: Use a comma to separate coordinate adjectives (e.g., It was a fascinating, enjoyable movie but not He wore an old, green shirt). (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.7.2.A)

About This Chapter

Students who develop the skills provided in these lessons will be able to use commas appropriately in their original copy, creating rhythm and clarity in their sentence structure. They will be able to identify comma errors and insert commas where needed during proofreading. This chapter includes instruction on:

  • Adjectives
  • Using commas to reduce confusion
  • Basic comma usage rules
  • Conjunctions

Mastery of these lessons will be evident as students describe correct comma usage, applying the grammatical terms related to their use and explaining how sentences would be different (e.g. more/less clear or changed meaning) were a comma placed, removed, or moved. They will demonstrate greater skill through fewer errors in written projects. Finally, they will understand the difference between coordinated and non-coordinated adjectives, using commas appropriately in the former case.

How to Use These Lessons in Your Classroom

Not certain how you will use these videos in class? Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Good comma, bad comma

Watch these videos in class and then have students practice their comma-correcting skills by having them proofread a short manuscript peppered with correct and incorrect comma uses. For every correction they make, have students annotate briefly the comma rule governing the use as well as the result of the change (such as, 'serial comma to increase clarity'). Be sure to include tricky errors, such as a comma between non-coordinated adjectives as in the related Common Core standard. Remind students they can review the videos on their computer or mobile device at home if they need to review a particular rule.

Test preparation

Get ready for the end-of-year exams by reviewing comma rules in class with these videos. Use the chapter test to get an idea how students are doing.

Homework videos

Have students watch the videos on their own as homework. They will be able to fit them in just about anywhere as they are mobile-friendly and each under 10 minutes long. Instruct them to complete the lesson quizzes after each video to practice answering questions and decide if they need to watch the video again. Take the chapter test as a class after all the videos have been watched.

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