Ch 1: Common Core HS Algebra: Algebraic Expressions

About This Chapter

Find lessons for high school algebra. These lessons meet the Common Core Mathematics standards for algebraic expressions (CCSS.Math.Content.HSA-SSE.A.1a; CCSS.Math.Content.HSA-SSE.A.2).

Standard: Interpret parts of an expression, such as terms, factors, and coefficients. (CCSS.Math.Content.HSA-SSE.A.1a)

Standard: Use the structure of an expression to identify ways to rewrite it. (CCSS.Math.Content.HSA-SSE.A.2)

About This Chapter

Students who have mastered these standards will know the ins and outs of basic algebraic expressions, including how to work with terms, factors and coefficients. They also recognize the different types of algebraic expressions, as well as find different ways to rewrite algebraic expressions.

Lessons in this standard cover concepts such as:

  • Expressing relationships as algebraic expressions
  • Explaining what an algebraic expression is
  • Evaluating simple algebraic expressions
  • Interpreting complicated algebraic expressions

Students demonstrate mastery of this standard when working with any algebraic expression. These lessons serve as the basis for interpreting the structure of expressions and set the foundation for future algebra lessons. By mastering these standards, they will able to successfully continue learning algebra throughout high school and college.

How to Use These Lessons in Your Classroom

Here are some tips for how to use the lessons to support instruction in these standards:

Terms, Factors and Coefficients Lessons

Create a worksheet using vocabulary words and matching examples based on terms, factors and coefficients. Watch the video lesson titled 'What are Terms, Factors and Coefficients?' Have the students fill out the worksheet and spend time discussing the correct answers.

Rewriting Algebraic Expressions Lessons

Exhibit the video lesson 'Rewriting Algebraic Expressions' and discuss the video content with the class. Write algebraic expressions on the board. Call on students to come up to the board to change the expressions into different expression with the same meaning.

Interpreting Complicated Algebraic Expressions Lessons

Show your students the 'Interpreting Complicated Algebraic Expressions' video lesson. Take the supplementary quiz as a class and discuss each answer. If the class chooses the wrong answer, talk about why that choice wasn't correct.

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