Ch 13: Communicable Disease Overview

About This Chapter

This overview of communicable diseases covers topics such as common bacterial diseases in humans and disease-causing agents in the environment. These interesting lessons can be used to complete a homework assignment or prepare for a test.

Communicable Disease Overview - Chapter Summary

The lessons in this chapter will provide an overview of communicable diseases. Topics covered include bacterial infections, major viruses, and more. After completing the chapter, you should be able to do the following:

  • Understand types and causes of pathogens and disease
  • Reference disease-causing agents in the environment
  • Discuss the difference between viral and bacterial infections
  • Use medical terminology of major viruses
  • Explain common bacterial diseases in humans
  • Explore diseases caused by protists
  • Recognize fungi and parasite terminology

Our subject-matter experts present the information in these short videos in an engaging manner. Their teaching strategy includes plenty of examples to ensure the material is easily understood. The video timelines let you navigate the videos and review topics in order of your preference. A brief multiple-choice quiz is available for each lesson to test your knowledge. You can also print the lesson quizzes and use them as worksheets.

7 Lessons in Chapter 13: Communicable Disease Overview
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Pathogens and Disease: Definitions, Types & Causes

1. Pathogens and Disease: Definitions, Types & Causes

There are many different types of pathogens and many problems they cause. This lesson will teach you about four main types of pathogens, examples of each, and what problems they cause.

Disease-Causing Agents in the Environment: Definition and Types

2. Disease-Causing Agents in the Environment: Definition and Types

In this video lesson, you will identify different disease-causing agents. You will also explore examples of types of disease-causing agents and their effects on human health.

Difference Between Viral & Bacterial Infections

3. Difference Between Viral & Bacterial Infections

This lesson is on viral versus bacterial infections. In this lesson we'll cover what a virus is and how it is different from a bacterium. We'll also go over examples of viral and bacterial infections.

Medical Terminology of Major Viruses

4. Medical Terminology of Major Viruses

In this lesson, we are going to spend some time discussing a few members of the different major families of viruses that affect people. The signs and symptoms will also be discussed.

Common Bacterial Diseases in Humans

5. Common Bacterial Diseases in Humans

Have you wondered what some of the more common bacterial diseases that affect humans are? This lesson goes over some of them as well as the problems they cause.

Diseases Caused by Protists

6. Diseases Caused by Protists

Protists cause some truly devastating human diseases, which is saying a lot for a microscopic, simple organism that often needs help from other organisms to reach its human targets. Here, you will learn about protists and the diseases they cause.

Fungi & Parasite Terminology

7. Fungi & Parasite Terminology

We will discuss a working definition for fungi and look at a couple of common fungal infections. Parasites will also be defined and discussed. We will touch on a few parasitic infections.

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