Ch 3: Competitive Intelligence in Business Development

About This Chapter

Using informative lessons, this chapter explains the competitive intelligence that is needed in business development. Information that is found in this chapter includes the reports and software used in competitive intelligence.

Competitive Intelligence in Business Development - Chapter Summary

Within this chapter, our expert instructors will explain what competitive intelligence is and how it is used in business development. Use these corporate training resources so that your employees can learn about:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Differences between business and competitive intelligence
  • Reports, tools, strategies and software used in competitive intelligence

These short lessons will help your employees gain the competitive intelligence skills they need. Every lesson in this chapter can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. As long as you have a reliable Internet connection, you can take your lessons with you and study any time it works for your schedule.

How It Helps

  • Promotes teamwork: By learning about competitive intelligence, your employees can learn how to work together by carrying out the same strategies.
  • Develops clarity: When your employees apply the lessons in this chapter, they will increase their understanding of the concepts of competitive intelligence
  • Increases efficiency: Your employees will be able to be more efficient by using the tools and strategies in this chapter.

Skills Covered

With the help of this chapter, employees will be able to:

  • Present examples of competitive intelligence
  • Compare business intelligence to competitive intelligence
  • Recall the reports that are used with these lessons
  • Apply the tools that are associated with this specific type of intelligence
  • Describe the processes that are used in competitive intelligence
  • Learn about the software that is recommended in this chapter

6 Lessons in Chapter 3: Competitive Intelligence in Business Development
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Competitive Intelligence: Definition & Examples

1. Competitive Intelligence: Definition & Examples

How do companies stay ahead in an ever changing business world? Competitive intelligence is how companies keep their finger on the pulse of their industry. This lesson will define competitive intelligence and provide examples of how companies use it.

Business Intelligence vs. Competitive Intelligence

2. Business Intelligence vs. Competitive Intelligence

In this lesson, we will examine the differences between business intelligence and competitive intelligence and discover how we can leverage these concepts in real life.

Competitive Intelligence Reports

3. Competitive Intelligence Reports

Competitive intelligence reports help a company compare itself to competitors. In this lesson, we will discuss how to determine competitors, how to ask important questions, how to get information, and what format to use.

Competitive Intelligence: Tools & Techniques

4. Competitive Intelligence: Tools & Techniques

Competitive intelligence is the collection of information to help businesses make informed decisions and compete in their markets. In this lesson, we will discuss the benefits of using two competitive intelligence techniques: SWOT analysis and win-loss analysis.

Competitive Intelligence: Process & Strategies

5. Competitive Intelligence: Process & Strategies

How do companies keep up with the ever-changing societies and industries they are in? Companies have to use competitive intelligence to keep up with competitors and industry changes. This lesson will explain the competitive intelligence process and strategies.

Competitive Intelligence Software

6. Competitive Intelligence Software

Competitive intelligence software is used by businesses to help get an edge over competitors. In this lesson, we will define competitive intelligence (CI), learn about competitive intelligence software, and see an example of CI software.

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