Ch 1: Computation with Integers

About This Chapter

This chapter closely examines the basics of computation with integers to help deepen your students' understanding and enhance their preparations for an upcoming exam. Take advantage of engaging lessons, mini quizzes, a practice exam and other resources that can make learning fun and effective!

Computation with Integers - Chapter Summary

Expand your students' knowledge of computation with integers with help from the expert instructors in these fun lessons. Whether you want to share definitions for various types of integers or help them grasp how to perform mathematical operations on integers, this chapter can help. Once students have completed the lessons, they will be able to:

  • Define an integer
  • Share the meaning of a positive and negative integer
  • Use the formula for consecutive integers
  • Add and subtract integers
  • Multiply and divide integers

Feel free to select the lessons you want students to to review based on their existing knowledge of integers. Navigate the lessons in any order, and visit them as often as needed. Find out how much your students understand about computation with integers by taking this chapter's mini quizzes and practice exam.

7 Lessons in Chapter 1: Computation with Integers
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What are Integers? - Definition & Examples

1. What are Integers? - Definition & Examples

In this lesson, we will learn about integers - what they are and what distinguishes them from other types of numbers. We'll also take a look at a few examples of things that can or cannot be measured with integers.

What is a Positive Integer? - Definition & Examples

2. What is a Positive Integer? - Definition & Examples

We use positive integers in our everyday lives. We see them everywhere in the world around us. Learn what positive integers are and what you can do with them.

Consecutive Integers: Definition & Formula

3. Consecutive Integers: Definition & Formula

This lesson defines consecutive integers and gives fun examples of consecutive numbers in use. You will also learn the formulas used to compute consecutive integers.

Adding Integers: Rules & Examples

4. Adding Integers: Rules & Examples

In this lesson, we will learn about adding integers or signed numbers. Using the number line and idea of absolute value, we will see that the rules used to add them are simply an extension of the rules of basic arithmetic.

Subtracting Integers: Rules & Examples

5. Subtracting Integers: Rules & Examples

In this lesson, we will cover definitions, rules, and examples for subtracting integers. We'll also provide some helpful tips for dealing with tricky math problems.

Multiplying Integers: Rules & Examples

6. Multiplying Integers: Rules & Examples

In this lesson, we will discuss what numbers are included in the integers and how to multiply them. We will deal with 1-, 2-, and 3-digit numbers as well as negatives and positives. There are some definitions included as well as a quiz at the end.

Dividing Integers: Rules & Terminology

7. Dividing Integers: Rules & Terminology

In this lesson, we will learn how to divide integers or signed numbers. Determining the correct sign of the answer is a very simple but important step in these calculations. We will also learn the role of zero in division of integers.

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