Ch 17: Consciousness & Sleep

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Consciousness & Sleep - Chapter Summary

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  • Define and discuss the states of consciousness
  • Detail how changes in consciousness can impact a person's psychological state
  • Exhibit an understanding of altered states of consciousness
  • Discuss blood alcohol concentration levels and their effects
  • Describe the sleep cycle, factors that influence sleep-wake cycles and the stages of NREM sleep
  • Explain the importance of sleep, why we sleep and dream, and basics of the circadian rhythm
  • Share ways sleep can change throughout the lifespan, and discuss the effects of sleep deprivation
  • List types, causes and treatment options for sleep disorders

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15 Lessons in Chapter 17: Consciousness & Sleep
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States of Consciousness, Self-Awareness & the Unconscious Mind

1. States of Consciousness, Self-Awareness & the Unconscious Mind

Consciousness is your awareness of how and why you react to your surroundings. As you watch this video, you may realize that you pass through multiple states of consciousness during any given day.

What is Consciousness? - Definition & Explanation

2. What is Consciousness? - Definition & Explanation

This lesson introduces you to psychological perspectives on consciousness. We will begin with an explanation of the difficulties involved in explaining consciousness, much less defining it. We will then consider an overview of psychological perspectives on consciousness states.

Changes in Consciousness & Psychological Function

3. Changes in Consciousness & Psychological Function

In this lesson, we will review different levels of consciousness and how they can affect psychological function in terms of controlled and automatic processes, content limitations, cognitive distortions, emotional awareness, self control and time orientation.

Altered States of Consciousness: Definition & Examples

4. Altered States of Consciousness: Definition & Examples

An altered state of consciousness is any state in which a person's sense perceptions are different than normal. Learn more about this concept with examples and test your knowledge with a quiz.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Levels & Effects

5. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Levels & Effects

You are probably familiar with the term blood alcohol concentration, but what does it really mean? Read this lesson to learn the definition, the different levels and the side effects that can be incurred at each level of blood alcohol concentration.

What is the Sleep Cycle? - Definition, Stages & Disorders

6. What is the Sleep Cycle? - Definition, Stages & Disorders

What happens when you sleep? Why are dreams typically more intense as morning approaches? This lesson will guide you through the stages of the sleep cycle that make up a full night's rest.

Factors Influencing Sleep-Wake Cycles

7. Factors Influencing Sleep-Wake Cycles

Our sleep-wake cycle is what regulates our sleep patterns. In this lesson, we'll talk about how the sleep-wake cycle works and how this cycle can sometimes be disrupted.

NREM Sleep: Stages & Measurement

8. NREM Sleep: Stages & Measurement

Sleep is something we all do, hopefully every day. Are you familiar with the cycles of sleep? Brush up on your REM's and NREM's in this lesson. Don't worry, no napping required.

The Importance of Sleep

9. The Importance of Sleep

In this lesson you will learn the definition of sleep, how much sleep you should get, the risks associated with sleep deprivation, and the benefits of getting adequate sleep. A brief quiz follows the lesson.

Why Do We Sleep and Dream?

10. Why Do We Sleep and Dream?

The exact functions of sleeping and dreaming are unknown, but psychologists have attempted to interpret what happens and why when we sleep. In this lesson, you'll explore the importance of sleep and some of the more famous theories regarding why we dream.

The Circadian Rhythm

11. The Circadian Rhythm

You wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night. But some animals do the opposite: wake at night and sleep during the day. What determines the time of day you're active is your circadian rhythm, an internal clock that keeps daily time for you.

Sleep Throughout the Lifespan

12. Sleep Throughout the Lifespan

In this lesson, how an individual's sleep changes is discussed. There is a list of how sleep times change from the time a person is an infant until they are over 60 and what factors affect how their sleep changes.

Chronic Sleep Deprivation: Effects & Symptoms

13. Chronic Sleep Deprivation: Effects & Symptoms

In this lesson, we'll explain what sleep deprivation is in a medical context. Then, we'll review the common symptoms of sleep deprivation, which can be divided into three main categories: cognitive function and emotional and physical health.

Sleep Disorders: Types & Causes

14. Sleep Disorders: Types & Causes

Sleep is essential for mental and physical health. But what happens when there's a problem with your sleep? In this lesson, we'll examine some common sleep disorders, including insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and parasomnia.

Sleep Disorders: Therapy & Treatment

15. Sleep Disorders: Therapy & Treatment

In this lesson we'll discuss some common sleep disorders, including insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders. We will also look at some of the treatments used to help relieve sleep problems.

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