Ch 2: Consumer Behavior of Travelers

About This Chapter

Review the consumer behavior of travelers with the helpful collection of lessons in this engaging chapter. When you use this comprehensive study guide, you can access these learning tools 24 hours a day to prepare for an exam, finish your homework or get caught up in class.

Consumer Behavior of Travelers - Chapter Summary

In this fun chapter, our instructors present the consumer behaviors of travelers. With these lessons, you'll study different behaviors exhibited by consumers as well as different types of tourists and destinations. Test yourself either before or after reviewing the lessons by taking the short accompanying quiz. Then go back and review any of the lessons as many times as needed to feel comfortable with these topics. Our instructors can answer any questions you might have as you work through the chapter. After completing these lessons, you should be able to:

  • Explain why people travel
  • Discuss online consumer behavior in tourism
  • Identify the factors that motivate people to travel
  • Outline the different types of destinations and tourists
  • Define the pull and push theories of motivation

5 Lessons in Chapter 2: Consumer Behavior of Travelers
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Why do People Travel?

1. Why do People Travel?

Travel can happen for many reasons, including business and personal visits. This lesson discusses a variety of reasons people go to other areas and the impact those trips can have on a local community.

Online Consumer Behavior in Travel & Tourism

2. Online Consumer Behavior in Travel & Tourism

Online shoppers go through certain phases during their search for hotels, attractions, and restaurants when they are planning a trip. Learn what this process is and how travel and tourist companies can benefit from this process.

Motivating Factors for Why People Travel

3. Motivating Factors for Why People Travel

If you could travel anywhere, what destination would you choose and why? It's likely your reasons for travel fall into one of several motivating factors. In this lesson, we'll explore the four most common.

Types of Tourists &  Destinations

4. Types of Tourists & Destinations

Learn more about the different types of tourists and which destinations they prefer to visit. Travelers are defined by psychographic and demographic definitions. Each type prefers set destinations. This article explains each and every preference.

Pull & Push Theories of Motivation

5. Pull & Push Theories of Motivation

What makes you behave the way you do? Are you pushed towards your actions or is some force pulling you along? This lesson defines the push and pull theories of motivation and presents examples of each to show how the two interact.

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