Ch 5: Consumer Buying Behavior

About This Chapter

This entertaining chapter simplifies the process of studying consumer buying behavior. Access short lessons, mini quizzes and other study resources using any computer or mobile device to enhance your preparations for an exam, assignment or project.

Consumer Buying Behavior - Chapter Summary

Discover or strengthen your existing knowledge of consumer buying behavior by taking advantage of this chapter's entertaining lessons. Learn the basics of brand familiarity, variety-seeking buying behavior, the consumer adaptation process and other related concepts. Find out how much you understand by taking this chapter's multiple-choice quizzes and practice exam. If you have questions about any lesson topic, feel free to submit them to our experts. By the end of this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Identify types of consumer buying behavior and consumer buying decisions
  • List various external influences on consumer buying decisions
  • Provide details about the atmospherics that influence consumer behavior
  • Share how consumer buying behavior is impacted by advertising
  • Define variety-seeking buying behavior, and discuss related marketing strategies
  • Detail the consumer adoption process
  • Discuss consumer psychology and how it impacts what consumers buy
  • Explain the meaning of brand familiarity, describe its various levels, and discuss how it affects consumer decision making
  • Describe cognitive dissonance and how it relates to the post-purchase process

6 Lessons in Chapter 5: Consumer Buying Behavior
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Consumer Psychology and the Purchase Process

1. Consumer Psychology and the Purchase Process

Basic psychology concepts like learning, memory and conditioning can play a big role in dictating what we decide to buy. Watch this video to see how they work together.

Understanding the Consumer Adoption Process

2. Understanding the Consumer Adoption Process

Ever wonder how companies are able to go from design to profits? Some of it is luck, but an even bigger part of it is understanding their consumers. In this lesson, we take a look at the consumer adoption process.

Classes of Adopters: Innovators, Early, Late and Laggards

3. Classes of Adopters: Innovators, Early, Late and Laggards

In this lesson, you will learn how innovative products are adopted by consumers. You will learn the five classes of adopters and the role each plays in this process. You will also learn why it is important for marketers to understand this process in order to successfully introduce innovative products to the marketplace.

Variety-Seeking Buying Behavior: Definition & Marketing Strategies

4. Variety-Seeking Buying Behavior: Definition & Marketing Strategies

In this lesson, we will introduce and define the term variety-seeking buying behavior and discuss strategies that marketers may use which targets the consumers who engage in this behavior.

Brand Familiarity and the Purchase Process

5. Brand Familiarity and the Purchase Process

The brand of a product is like its personality. In this lesson, we'll discuss the different levels of brand familiarity and how they can impact the decision making process.

Cognitive Dissonance & Post-Purchase Process

6. Cognitive Dissonance & Post-Purchase Process

Have you ever second-guessed a major purchase? Watch this video to understand what cognitive dissonance is and how marketers can keep us from experiencing it.

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