Ch 11: Consumerism & Behavioral Appeals

About This Chapter

Take a look at this chapter's lessons to review basic consumerism and behavior appeal concepts. The chapter is a great option for anyone who needs to improve their consumer behavior knowledge, study for an exam, complete a class project or get extra homework help.

Consumerism & Behavioral Appeals - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, you'll find a collection of engaging and simple lessons that cover the basics of consumerism and behavioral appeals. Follow along with our expert marketing instructors to study concepts like the fear appeal, pioneering advertising and the plain folks appeal. To help you further your understanding of these appeals, we've included lessons quizzes and a chapter exam. You can access this chapter at any time using your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Upon completion of the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Compare types of advertising appeals
  • Summarize the theory of fear appeal in advertising
  • Analyze examples of pioneering advertising
  • Discuss advertising's plain folks appeal
  • Define the AIDA acronym

5 Lessons in Chapter 11: Consumerism & Behavioral Appeals
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Advertising Appeals: Types & Examples

1. Advertising Appeals: Types & Examples

In this lesson, we'll explore advertising appeals that are used to structure advertising. We'll look at how advertisements work and examine and analyze the advertising elements that attract our attention.

Fear Appeal in Advertising: Theory & Examples

2. Fear Appeal in Advertising: Theory & Examples

Fear can be a powerful motivator, and advertisers know it. In this lesson, you'll learn about fear appeal in advertising and the theory behind it. Examples will be provided. You'll also have a chance to take a short quiz.

Pioneering Advertising: Examples & Overview

3. Pioneering Advertising: Examples & Overview

Have you ever eagerly awaited the release date for the latest new gadget that revolutionizes an industry? How did you learn about the product? Chances are, your interest was piqued by pioneer advertising. Let's take a closer look at pioneer advertising and its place in the marketing world.

Plain Folks Appeal in Advertising: Definition & Examples

4. Plain Folks Appeal in Advertising: Definition & Examples

Have you ever considered what type of advertising makes the biggest impact? Is it the use of celebrities? Why not ordinary people? Does any of this make a difference? This lesson discusses the plain folks appeal in advertising and its impact.

Consumer Awareness of Promotion: The AIDA Acronym

5. Consumer Awareness of Promotion: The AIDA Acronym

Have you ever sampled foods in a grocery store? This is one of the techniques marketing companies use to draw your business. In this lesson, you'll learn about how consumers become engaged in a promotional message. Discover the AIDA concept and understand how consumers respond to a marketing message.

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