Ch 9: Contracts: Assignment and Delegation

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons and learn about the different aspects of assignment and delegation in contracts. Determine how well you understand the materials by taking the quick quizzes that come with each lesson.

Contracts: Assignment and Delegation - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Contracts play a large role in business law. Many aspects of business hinge on the success of them. When it comes to the laws surrounding contracts, assignment and delegation are important points. Each person or entity involved in a contract has specific rights and obligations. It's important that each person or entity involved completely understand these rights and obligations. Additionally, when becoming involved in a contract, it's important to understand terminology like assignee, obligor and delegation.

In this chapter, we will cover these things. You'll watch lessons that discuss assignment of a contract, the rights of the parties involved and how a contract can be revoked. You'll also learn about delegation and what duties can't be designated in a contract. You can expect to learn more about the following:

  • What assignment means
  • The different parties in a contract
  • An explanation of revocability
  • The difference in assignment and delegation

Contract Assignment: Definition and Involved Parties Explore the definition of assignment, and examine the parties involved in a contract.
Parties in an Assignment: Rights of the Assignees, Assignor & Obligor Discover the rights of parties in a contract.
Revocability of Assignment: Definition & Explanation Discuss the revocability of assignment.
What is Delegation? - Definition, Parties & Duties Analyze the difference in assignment and delegation and what duties cannot be delegated.

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