Ch 16: Coordinate Geometry Basics

About This Chapter

Review the basics of coordinate geometry to prepare for the Math 2 SAT Subject Test. Use the video lessons and quizzes to study number lines, ordered pairs and Cartesian plane graphs.

Coordinate Geometry Basics - Chapter Summary

The ability to visualize is an important skill when working with geometry. Number lines can be handy tools and serve as illustrated representations of real numbers. This chapter fills you in on number lines, including how to identify points on them and how to locate the origin of a number line.

These lessons can also help you understand Cartesian plane graphs and their parts, such as x-coordinates, y-coordinates and quadrants. You can also learn to plot points on a graph and find the x- and y-intercepts. The following topics appear in this chapter and can be used to help you prepare for the SAT subject test in advanced math concepts:

  • Using the number line for addition and subtraction problems
  • Solving problems with negative numbers by using number lines
  • Axes and intercept on a graph
  • Rene Descartes and his idea of the Cartesian coordinate plane
  • Use of an ordered pair for labeling points

Well-informed professionals present this chapter's lessons, making learning fun and interesting. Lessons include videos, text transcripts and quizzes. You can open the timelines to expose video tags that will take you back to specific portions of the videos for additional review. Lessons have accompanying multiple-choice quizzes, which can give you beneficial practice for the subject test.

Coordinate Geometry Basics Objectives

If you're good at math and have mastered concepts like trigonometry, probability and math functions, you might consider taking the Math 2 SAT Subject Test to help you stand out from the crowd during the college admissions process. This test has 50 multiple-choice questions covering four main content areas. This chapter on coordinate geometry basics can be used to prepare for the geometry and measurement content area, which represents about 30% of the test.

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