Ch 14: Coordinate & Transformational Geometry

About This Chapter

Give yourself the knowledge boost you need to excel on a test covering coordinate and transformational geometry by exploring this chapter. Review entertaining lessons and take mini quizzes at your convenience to make your test preparations simple and effective.

Coordinate & Transformational Geometry - Chapter Summary

This chapter serves as a fantastic study solution for individuals who need a quick refresher of coordinate and transformational geometry concepts or are interested in filling gaps in their existing knowledge. Get reacquainted with tessellations, symmetry, transformations and more by studying bite-sized lessons! Once you've completed this chapter, you could be able to:

  • Define coordinate geometry
  • Plot simple figures on coordinate graphs and calculate the area and length of the figures
  • Describe the concept of symmetry in math
  • Provide the definition of a tessellation
  • Explain how to describe tessellations using symmetry
  • Share the definition of a transformation in math
  • Exhibit knowledge of similarity transformations in corresponding figures
  • Prove theorems using coordinate and transformational geometry

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7 Lessons in Chapter 14: Coordinate & Transformational Geometry
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Coordinate Geometry: Definition & Formulas

1. Coordinate Geometry: Definition & Formulas

In this lesson we'll define coordinate geometry and learn about formulas that are commonly used in coordinate geometry. You can then take a brief quiz to see what you learned.

Plotting Simple Figures on Coordinate Graphs

2. Plotting Simple Figures on Coordinate Graphs

One of the most basic parts of geometry is learning how to plot simple figures onto a coordinate graph. In this lesson, we learn how to do that, as well as calculate the area and length of the figures we sketched.

What is Symmetry in Math? - Definition & Concept

3. What is Symmetry in Math? - Definition & Concept

Symmetry occurs in many areas of mathematics. This lesson explains symmetry in math and explores the three basic types of symmetry: rotational symmetry, reflection symmetry, and point symmetry.

What is a Tessellation?

4. What is a Tessellation?

Did you know that most kitchen floor tiles are tessellations? Read this lesson and you'll find out why and how you can create and design your own tessellation using many different shapes.

Using Symmetry to Describe Tessellations

5. Using Symmetry to Describe Tessellations

Tessellations are a very common way for geometric concepts to be applied in the real world. In this lesson, we'll look at how to use symmetry to help describe different types of tessellations.

Transformations in Math: Definition & Graph

6. Transformations in Math: Definition & Graph

In geometry, transformation refers to the movement of objects in the coordinate plane. This lesson will define and give examples of each of the four common transformations and end with a quiz to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

Similarity Transformations in Corresponding Figures

7. Similarity Transformations in Corresponding Figures

Watch this video lesson to learn how you can tell if two figures are similar by using similarity transformations. Learn how to find the corresponding sides and angles and then how to compare them.

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