Ch 1: Creating Worksheets & Workbooks in Excel

About This Chapter

Get an introduction to Excel basics with this chapter's video lessons and quizzes. Our experienced educators provide you with step-by-step instructions for creating and modifying workbooks and worksheets within Excel.

Creating Worksheets & Workbooks in Excel: Chapter Summary

Get a feel for this spreadsheet software with introductory lessons that show you what, exactly, workbooks are and help you explore some of their characteristics. Our instructors can also help you discern whether you would prefer a blank workbook that allows you to start from scratch and choose your own formatting options or one of several pre-existing workbook templates designed with a specific purpose in mind. You can also learn how to create and save your own template for future use.

Additional topics of instruction show you how to open files in Excel and import data or text. The chapter concludes with lessons on the processes required to add worksheets if you'd like more than three in a particular workbook. You can also learn how to rearrange worksheets and copy them for use in other workbooks.

The entertaining video lessons included in this chapter are organized in a way that allows you to tackle one task at a time. If you choose to take on the entire chapter, the lessons move seamlessly from one topic to the next. You can even chart your progress and check you understanding of each lesson before moving on to the next with our short, self-guided multiple-choice quizzes.

Use this chapter to learn how to do the following:

  • Create blank workbooks
  • Use workbook templates
  • Import and open files directly in Excel
  • Add and copy worksheets within a workbook
  • Move worksheets within a workbook

(Note: All demonstrations in this chapter will be using Microsoft Excel 2013. Certain features, tools, or displays may be different in other versions.)

Microsoft Excel is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation, which is not affiliated with

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