Ch 7: Creativity and Intelligence Development

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons and learn about the different aspects of creativity and intelligence development. These video lessons are short and engaging and make learning easy!

Creativity and Intelligence Development - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Is there a link between intelligence and creativity, or are they separate things? Do you know the definition of intelligence or creativity? What makes these two things separate and distinct? In this chapter, we will focus on both of these concepts, so you can learn how each is defined and see if there is a connection between them. You'll study intelligence and creativity in infants, children, adolescents and adults to see how it changes throughout a lifetime. You'll also get to take a look at creativity at the different stages of life. Lessons will go over intelligence testing and theories of intelligence as well. Some of the specific things you'll study include:

  • How to differentiate between intelligence theories
  • Environmental influences on intelligence
  • Intelligence capabilities of infants
  • Description of IQ scores
  • How to foster creativity in adolescents
  • How IQ changes with age

The Theories of Intelligence Define and analyze different theories of intelligence.
IQ and Environment and Genetic Influences Explore the relationship between environment, genetics and IQ.
Infant Creativity and Intelligence Learn how intelligence is measured in infants.
Child Creativity and Intelligence Examine IQ scores, and find out more about what creativity is.
Adolescent Creativity and Intelligence Discover how to help adolescents be more creative.
Adult Creativity and Intelligence Take a look at how IQ can change with age.

8 Lessons in Chapter 7: Creativity and Intelligence Development
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What is Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences?

1. What is Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences?

Which types of intelligence do you identify with? As you watch this video on Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, you'll learn that intelligence can be a diverse concept not limited to one area.

Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of Intelligence

2. Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of Intelligence

This lesson will help you understand the triarchic theory and the three types of intelligence proposed by Robert Sternberg: analytical, creative, and practical.

Perkins' Theory of Learnable Intelligence

3. Perkins' Theory of Learnable Intelligence

What is learnable intelligence? Find out in this lesson and learn to differentiate between the three types of intelligence described by David Perkins in his theory of learnable intelligence.

IQ: Environmental and Genetic Influences

4. IQ: Environmental and Genetic Influences

Do genetics play a role in intelligence? What about the environment a person grows up in? Explore some of the evidence that exists for each of these factors, as well as how researchers attempt to answer these questions in the following lesson.

Infant Creativity and Intelligence

5. Infant Creativity and Intelligence

How is infant intelligence measured? In this lesson, you'll learn to recognize common measures of infant intelligence as well as what information these measures can provide.

Child Creativity and Intelligence

6. Child Creativity and Intelligence

What is an IQ score? What do these scores mean? What role does creativity play in a child's development? Explore these concepts with this lesson and test your knowledge with a quiz at the end.

Creativity and Intelligence in Adolescence

7. Creativity and Intelligence in Adolescence

You know that emotional and physical changes take place during adolescence, but what about intellectual changes? Learn about the behavior of IQ during this time and find out why it is important to encourage creativity in adolescents.

Adult Creativity and Intelligence: Changes with Age

8. Adult Creativity and Intelligence: Changes with Age

Does IQ increase as we get older? Does it decrease? Does it remain the same? Explore the different ways to answer these questions and discover the roles of crystallized and fluid intelligence in this lesson.

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