Ch 7: Critical Thinking Skills for Nurses

About This Chapter

Use these video and text lessons to help you review or learn about topics relating to critical thinking skills used in the nursing profession. These resources can be used to help with continuing education credits, prepare for a nursing exam or help with coursework in a nursing program.

Critical Thinking Skills for Nurses - Chapter Summary

This chapter provides you with a comprehensive overview of methods for teaching critical thinking skills to nurses. Lessons cover such topics as the critical thinking process and activities are particularly effective in developing these skills in nurses.

These lessons use either text or video and are prepared by professionals in the field of nursing education. They can help you gain a better understanding of critical thinking concepts that are essential to nurses. Once you have completed this chapter, you should be able to do the following:

  • Define critical thinking
  • List the five dimensions of critical thinking
  • Understand how to teach critical thinking skills to nursing students
  • Apply the strategy of direct instruction to teaching critical thinking skills
  • Teach students to employ five actions that aid in the use of critical thinking skills
  • Engage nursing students in activities that will further develop critical thinking

Experienced instructors guide you through brief but informative lessons, providing term definitions and examples that make it easy to learn the material. Lessons are easily accessible at any time, on any device, and you can view or read them as many times as needed. Take the self-assessment quizzes at the end of each lesson to see how much you have learned and what, if any, topics you may need to study further.

6 Lessons in Chapter 7: Critical Thinking Skills for Nurses
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What is Critical Thinking? - Definition, Skills & Meaning

1. What is Critical Thinking? - Definition, Skills & Meaning

Critical thinking is a term that we hear a lot, but many people don't really stop to think about what it means or how to use it. This lesson will tell you exactly what it means and make you realize that the average person largely ignores critical thinking.

Dimensions of Critical Thinking

2. Dimensions of Critical Thinking

If you have an important question to answer or a complex problem to solve, the process of thinking critically can determine coming to the right or the wrong conclusions. Continue reading to learn about five dimensions of critical thinking.

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

3. Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is one of the most important habits a student can learn. This lesson helps you figure out what critical thinking skills are and how you can help your students develop them.

Using Direct Instruction to Teach Critical Thinking & Evaluation

4. Using Direct Instruction to Teach Critical Thinking & Evaluation

Critical thinking is often one of those terms used to refer to a broad spectrum of skills. This lesson focuses on four areas where teachers can use instruction to foster critical thinking in their students.

Critical Thinking Skills in Nursing

5. Critical Thinking Skills in Nursing

This lesson will explain how critical thinking is useful in the nursing profession. We'll discuss five actions to aid them in critical thinking: recognition, questioning, gathering information, evaluation, and communication.

Critical Thinking Activities in Nursing Programs

6. Critical Thinking Activities in Nursing Programs

Today, it's necessary for nurses to function as an extension of high-level care providers. Read this lesson to learn how Certified Nurse Educators help student nurses develop critical thinking skills to take better care of their patients.

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