Ch 16: CSET Business - Global Marketing

About This Chapter

Let us teach you about global marketing. The video lessons and self-assessment quizzes provide examples and instruction to help you correctly answer related questions on the CSET Business test.

CSET Business Subtest I: Global Marketing - Chapter Summary

Use the tutorials in this chapter to master the concepts and strategies of global marketing in preparation for Subtest I of the CSET Business examination. Topics covered in these lessons include:

  • Understanding the process of integrating into foreign markets
  • Recognizing relevant factors in developing global marketing strategies
  • Grasping the cultural considerations of international marketing
  • Establishing familiarity with the balance of trade concept
  • Understanding international logistical concerns and strategies

These video lessons can support your CSET success with their clear, to-the-point delivery and specific informational content. Videos are broken down according to subject and equipped with summaries and topic timelines to help you focus your exam preparation and pass the business CSET.

Objectives of the CSET Business Subtest I: Global Marketing Chapter

The CSET Business test assesses whether a prospective teacher is prepared to be certified to teach business in the state of California. The Global Marketing chapter covers information found on the first of three subtests of the business CSET. Lessons in this chapter contain corresponding quizzes that can assist you in gauging your comprehension of each lesson's content.

On Subtest I of the CSET Business exam, there are 2 open-ended questions (1 extended and 1 short and focused) and 40 multiple-choice questions. The content of the questions is evenly divided between the disciplines of business management and marketing.

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