Ch 8: Curriculum Planning & Accessibility in SPED

About This Chapter

If you need to study curriculum planning and accessibility in special education, take a look at this helpful study guide chapter. You'll review simple lessons that are designed to improve your knowledge for upcoming exams, class assignments or personal interest.

Curriculum Planning & Accessibility in SPED - Chapter Summary

This comprehensive special education chapter explains concepts related to curriculum planning and accessibility in the field. As you progress through this series of short and informative lessons, you'll become familiar with the curriculum planning process as well as methods for modifying and adapting curricula for special education students. When you're finished working through the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Outline the process and development of curriculum planning
  • Select a developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • Make curricular modifications and accommodations
  • Adapt a curriculum to make it accessible to disabled students
  • Meet student needs by selecting and adapting materials

To help you reinforce your understanding of these special education concepts, we've included interactive lesson quizzes and a comprehensive chapter exam. The chapter's online format allows you to study at any time that fits your schedule. If you have any questions about the material, simply submit them to our instructors online.

4 Lessons in Chapter 8: Curriculum Planning & Accessibility in SPED
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Curriculum Planning Process & Development

1. Curriculum Planning Process & Development

Curriculum planning and development strategies are essential tools for teachers who must meet educational standards that vary from state to state. Learn more about curriculum planning and development, different standards for curriculum development, and the need to create annual lesson plans, unit lesson plans, and individual plans.

How to Select Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

2. How to Select Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

In developing a curriculum, teachers should offer real-world, challenging experiences that allow students to grow and align with their learning goals. Learn about the importance of determining which curriculum is developmentally appropriate.

Curricular Accommodations & Modifications

3. Curricular Accommodations & Modifications

Curricular accommodations or modifications are alterations to the curriculum to better suit the needs of students who have some level of disadvantage. Learn the different types of accommodations and modifications that allow teachers to adjust the curriculum to better educate their students.

How to Select & Adapt Materials to Meet Student Needs

4. How to Select & Adapt Materials to Meet Student Needs

Educators use differentiation to ensure that they are addressing the varying levels of students in the classroom. Explore the process of selecting and adapting content, applications, and other resources to support diverse learners.

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