Ch 18: Customer Account Types & Registrations

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The engaging lessons in this chapter can quickly build your knowledge of customer account types and registrations. Paired with the lessons are short quizzes you can take at your convenience to check your understanding as you study for a test.

Customer Account Types & Registrations - Chapter Summary

Strengthening your comprehension of different types of customer accounts and registrations is an easy process when studying this chapter. We offer fun lessons developed by top instructors that provide complete overviews of securities accounts, trust accounts, IRAs and more. Finishing this chapter will ensure you're ready to:

  • Describe types and characteristics of securities accounts
  • Share types of customer account registrations in finance
  • Discuss the taxation of trust accounts
  • Define and explain the rules of a custodial account
  • Differentiate between traditional and Roth IRAs
  • Explain rules and options for a qualified retirement plan

All lessons in this chapter are quick to review, easy to navigate and feature mini quizzes that let you test your knowledge of main concepts in a short amount of time. If you don't have time to study using your home computer, take advantage of mobile features that let you access all chapter materials anytime via your smartphone or tablet. Don't spend too much time trying to grasp a specific lesson topic. Instead, shoot your questions to subject-matter experts and let them provide the clarity you need.

6 Lessons in Chapter 18: Customer Account Types & Registrations
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Securities Accounts: Types & Characteristics

1. Securities Accounts: Types & Characteristics

In this lesson you will learn the types and characteristics of many common securities accounts including cash, margin, commission, fee-based, advisory, and more.

Customer Account Registrations in Finance: Types & Characteristics

2. Customer Account Registrations in Finance: Types & Characteristics

This lesson covers the various types of personal and non-personal accounts an investment professional may encounter. We also discuss the important customer information that is needed for each different type of account.

Trust Accounts: Types & Taxation

3. Trust Accounts: Types & Taxation

This lesson focuses on the description, details, and definitions of the various types of trusts, as well as benefits of each type of trust and the taxation of trust accounts.

What is a Custodial Account? - Definition & Rules

4. What is a Custodial Account? - Definition & Rules

A custodial account is a special type of account used to set aside money for another party. In this lesson, which focuses on custodial accounts created for minors, we will define custodial account, explain the associated rules, and discuss the tax implications for this investment tool.

Traditional IRAs vs Roth IRAs

5. Traditional IRAs vs Roth IRAs

Many working people have what are called IRAs. In this lesson, you'll learn about the two major types of IRAs and the different tax benefits that each brings. You'll also learn what needs to be reported on tax returns and which form to use.

What is a Qualified Retirement Plan? - Rules & Options

6. What is a Qualified Retirement Plan? - Rules & Options

This lesson includes an overview of qualified retirement plans, including explanations of the two types (defined benefit plan and defined contribution plan), rules, and options regarding withdrawals, and penalties.

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