Ch 2: Customer Experience Management

About This Chapter

Help your employees develop a better understanding of managing customer experience with this short chapter. This is a great corporate training tool you can use to teach employees methods that will enhance their ability to deliver quality service to your customers.

Customer Experience Management - Chapter Summary

The lessons in this chapter are designed to help your employees manage customer experience. Employees can gain insight into the Total Customer Experience model, ways to provide refunds and exchanges in retail settings and strategies for ensuring that every customer has a positive experience when dealing with your business. This chapter can help your employees learn more about:

  • What the Total Customer Experience is and how it is managed
  • Why it is important that customers know about your company's products and services
  • How to refund and exchange policies are developed and implemented
  • Steps for responding to customer feedback
  • The benefits and strategies of customer experience management

Lessons are presented in either video or text formats and are accessible 24/7 from any device, making it simple to fit training sessions into any schedule. Have your employees take lesson-specific quizzes to measure their understanding of this material and to help you determine if they need further review of any topic.

How It Helps

  • Enhances customer service: Allows your employees to understand how to ensure a quality customer experience, resulting in better customer loyalty.
  • Strengthens employee knowledge: Helps your employees build their knowledge of your company's products or services.
  • Increases customer satisfaction: Assists employees in ensuring that your customer are satisfied, which can lead to higher customer retention.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, your customer service employees will be able to:

  • Define the Total Customer Experience
  • Understand the importance of knowing the company's products/services
  • Create and implement refund and exchange policies
  • Respond to customer feedback
  • Use effective customer experience management strategies

5 Lessons in Chapter 2: Customer Experience Management
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What Is Total Customer Experience? - Definition & Model

1. What Is Total Customer Experience? - Definition & Model

In this lesson we'll discuss the Total Customer Experience: what is it, how to manage it, and why your business would want to make sure your interactions with your customers are positive.

The Importance of Knowing Your Products & Services

2. The Importance of Knowing Your Products & Services

This lesson describes the importance of knowing your products and services. It also explains the value that knowing your products and services can add to the customer experience.

Responding to Customer Feedback: Steps & Examples

3. Responding to Customer Feedback: Steps & Examples

This lesson will look at responding to customer feedback. First, the importance of customer feedback will be discussed. Then steps outlining how to respond to customer feedback will be provided with examples.

Practical Application: Responding to Customer Feedback

4. Practical Application: Responding to Customer Feedback

Customer feedback, even negative feedback, is a gold mine for business leaders. The only thing worse than a customer who says not-so-nice things is a customer who says nothing at all. Quiet customers are

What is Customer Experience Management?

5. What is Customer Experience Management?

Every customer has an experience when they purchase a product or service. How should companies manage and respond to these experiences? This lesson will explain what customer experience management is, including taking a look at its benefits and strategies.

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