Ch 4: Customer Service Challenges

About This Chapter

It is essential for customer service personnel to understand and overcome the challenges faced in this area in order to ensure the success of your business as well as customer satisfaction. Use this chapter as a professional training tool to help your employees become effective CSRs.

Customer Service Challenges - Chapter Summary

This chapter is designed mainly to help your customer service staff face and overcome common barriers in their profession. They will have the opportunity to review effective techniques they can implement daily to help customers in person and on the phone to solve complaints and ensure customer loyalty. This chapter enables your customer service employees to learn more about:

  • What common barriers are faced by customer service personnel
  • How to provide strong customer service on the telephone
  • The steps for resolving customer complaints
  • Methods for interacting with abusive customers

Lessons are presented in text or video formats and can be accessed at all times, from any device, so it's easy to set up a training schedule for your employees. Test what your employees have learned from these lessons by using assessment quizzes that will enable you to identify if there are any topics your employees need to further review.

How It Helps

  • Enhances understanding of customer service duties: Shows your employees effective techniques for supplying top customer service and developing customer loyalty.
  • Builds strong telephone skills: Discusses how customer service employees can use strong oral communication skills to ensure the satisfaction of customers who call in to your business.
  • Develops conflict management skills: Details methods your employees can use to successfully diffuse confrontational situations and ensure customer satisfaction.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, your managers will be able to:

  • Understand the types of barriers faced by CSRs
  • Provide customer service via phone conversations
  • Resolve customer complaints
  • Apply methods for working with verbally and physically abusive customers
  • Use stress management techniques

5 Lessons in Chapter 4: Customer Service Challenges
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Common Barriers to Effective Customer Service

1. Common Barriers to Effective Customer Service

What's holding back your customer service? In this lesson, you'll learn more about some of the common barriers to effective customer service and how each one can impact your business and bottom line.

Telephone Customer Service: Challenges & Tips

2. Telephone Customer Service: Challenges & Tips

Telephone customer service creates an interesting environment for customer service professionals. In this lesson, we'll discuss the challenges associated with providing telephone customer support and tips for providing superb service.

Techniques for Resolving Customer Complaints

3. Techniques for Resolving Customer Complaints

In this lesson, we'll review the five steps in resolving customer complaints. We'll also provide suggestions in each step to maximize customer satisfaction and equip your customer service agents.

Managing Abusive Customers: Techniques, Safety & Stress Management

4. Managing Abusive Customers: Techniques, Safety & Stress Management

Excellent customer service can be challenging when customers are irate, but these issues can be handled without too much stress. This lesson discusses techniques on how to deal with abusive customers, how to stay safe in this situations, and how to handle the stress.

Practical Application: Dealing with Abusive Customers

5. Practical Application: Dealing with Abusive Customers

Abusive customers present a unique challenge since they essentially put two important concepts at odds with each other. There's a fine line to walk when employees must be protected and customers must be satisfied.

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