Ch 4: Data Breaches

About This Chapter

This collection of lessons can teach you the essentials of data breach prevention, protection and management. These concise and engaging lessons will help you efficiently learn important concepts related to different types of data breaches.

Data Breaches: Chapter Summary

These comprehensive lessons can help you understand the basics of data breaches. The chapter begins by defining data breaches and describing the methods and plans that are used to prevent and manage them. You'll take a look at data breach statistics, as well as investigation reports and data breach lawsuits. The chapter examines data breaches in the healthcare industry.

These data breach concepts are taught by expert instructors who efficiently break down key definitions and topics. Our lessons can conveniently be accessed at any time, which allows you to study these lessons whenever you have time. You can also take the included self-assessment quizzes to make sure you fully understand key data breach concepts.

The chapter covers several topics, including:

  • Definition of data breaches
  • Data breach statistics
  • The prevention and protection of data breaches
  • Response plans for data breaches
  • Notification laws and investigation reports
  • Lawsuits and liability related to data breaches
  • Chronology and average cost of major data breaches
  • Data breaches in the healthcare industry

8 Lessons in Chapter 4: Data Breaches
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Data Breaches: Definition & Statistics

1. Data Breaches: Definition & Statistics

With more and more data being kept online, criminals are increasing targeting it as a way to defraud millions. This lesson details what a data breach is as well as some companies that have suffered them.

Data Breaches: Protection & Prevention

2. Data Breaches: Protection & Prevention

Data breaches may be a fact of life for society at large, but that doesn't mean that your company has to deal with this. In this lesson, we'll see how to prevent data breaches and protect your information.

Data Breach Response Plans

3. Data Breach Response Plans

While database administrators and CIOs may do well to hope that they never have to contend with a data breach, they should nonetheless make sure that a response plan is in place. In this lesson, we'll look at how you can prepare yourself against a breach, and what you can do after one occurs.

Data Breach Notification Laws

4. Data Breach Notification Laws

Data breaches cost organizations and individuals more than money. This lesson will provide an overview of data breach notification laws, which are intended to protect individuals in the event of stolen personal information.

Data Breach Investigations Reports

5. Data Breach Investigations Reports

Data breaches happen. It's an unfortunate fact of life, and one of the reasons we have security. In this lesson, we'll take a look at the data breach, investigation reports, and how the two are used in conjunction with each other.

Data Breaches: Lawsuits & Liability

6. Data Breaches: Lawsuits & Liability

With so many people's information at stake, you may think that companies open themselves up to a lawsuit anytime there is a data breach. In reality, there are a number of steps that can reduce liability.

Major Data Breaches: Chronology & Average Cost

7. Major Data Breaches: Chronology & Average Cost

With dozens of data breaches a year, it's hard to keep track of the most important ones. This lesson details several major data breaches and explains how the cost is calculated.

Data Breaches in Healthcare

8. Data Breaches in Healthcare

More and more, data breaches are starting to happen to healthcare records as often as financial records. This lesson explains why that could be more dangerous for consumers.

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