Ch 7: Data Center Basics

About This Chapter

This chapter will help you achieve a basic understanding of data centers, including how they work and what they're used for. These short and simple lessons cover data center terminology that can supplement your professional skills and knowledge.

Data Center Basics - Chapter Summary

The expert instructors in this chapter lay out the terms and concepts needed to have a basic understanding of data centers. Our short and to-the-point lessons cover concepts such as data center terminology, operations and metrics. You'll learn how data centers are monitored, as well as the standards for data center design.

This chapter's lessons are taught by professional instructors who simplify the learning process and make it easy to understand key definitions and topics. Video lessons come with convenient transcripts you can use to supplement your study, and you can quickly find the information you need with interactive timestamps on each video. You can make sure you retain each lesson's concepts by taking the accompanying self-assessment quizzes and chapter exam.

How It Helps

Having a basic knowledge of data centers will help you better understand how to safely care for your company's data. By learning how data can be stored, archived and recovered, you'll learn how your company can protect its data in the event that main servers go down or are destroyed. You'll also learn how data centers work and how they can be configured to operate optimally. Equipping yourself with this knowledge can be used to improve existing data center operations or incorporate a new data center if your company doesn't currently have one.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, you'll be able to:

  • Understand data center terminology, operations and architecture
  • Interpret data center metrics
  • Differentiate between data centers and the cloud
  • Know how to effectively monitor data centers using common tools and software
  • Comprehend the best practices and standards for data center design

13 Lessons in Chapter 7: Data Center Basics
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What is a Data Center? -  Definition & Overview

1. What is a Data Center? - Definition & Overview

With more and more of business depending on larger and larger amounts of data, data centers are becoming more crucial than ever. This lesson explains what a data center is.

Data Center vs Cloud

2. Data Center vs Cloud

Ever wonder what a data center is, or how a data center can live in the cloud? Is it better for companies to own and manage their own computer hardware or should they let someone else do that for them? By then end of this lesson, you should have a better understanding of these questions.

What is a Cloud Data Center?

3. What is a Cloud Data Center?

What is the 'cloud?' Ever wonder how your computer and data can live in the cloud? Is it better for you to own and manage your own computer resources, or should you let a professional do that for you? Follow along and find out.

Data Center Architecture

4. Data Center Architecture

As the need of a business for information rises, so does the need to be able to process it. In this lesson, we'll take a look at the data center, what it is, what an architecture is, and the types available.

Data Center Design: Best Practices & Standards

5. Data Center Design: Best Practices & Standards

While data centers may hold a myriad of different information, the best practices and standards that guide their construction are all shockingly similar. We'll look at the characteristics that direct the construction of a data center.

Data Center Security Design

6. Data Center Security Design

As a given data center can hold billions of dollars worth of data, it is important to keep them secure. This lesson focuses on the business of data center security, starting with the exterior and ending with the servers themselves.

Data Center: Best Practices & Strategy

7. Data Center: Best Practices & Strategy

Running a data center is about much more than just making sure the little green lights on the servers stay on. In fact, it requires balancing between efficiency, reliability, new technology, and security. In this lesson, we'll be looking at the best practices and strategies when it comes to running a data center.

What are Data Center Operations?

8. What are Data Center Operations?

Data centers and their operations process millions of transactions in our high paced world. Explore what operations occur in a data center and how a data center works. Discover how data centers function and what roles are predominant.

What is a Data Recovery Center?

9. What is a Data Recovery Center?

As you are well aware, data is extremely valuable. In this lesson, we will take a look at how we can attempt to recover data at data recovery centers. However, be warned, it isn't cheap!

Data Center Monitoring: Software & Tools

10. Data Center Monitoring: Software & Tools

Did you know that data center monitoring is something that impacts your life? In this lesson, you will learn why data center monitoring matters to you.

Data Centers: Metrics & Standards

11. Data Centers: Metrics & Standards

Capturing and processing information is extremely important these days. In this lesson, we'll take a look at the data center, some metrics, and why standards should be considered.

Software Defined Data Center

12. Software Defined Data Center

Data centers spring up regularly in North America and software defined data centers are slowly beginning to follow. In this lesson, we'll take a look at data centers, and their cousins, the software define data center.

Data Center Terminology

13. Data Center Terminology

A data center is the facility that houses the computing and networking equipment that stores data. This lesson will provide an overview of the terminology commonly referenced when describing a data center.

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