Ch 10: Data Center Hardware

About This Chapter

This chapter covers fundamental hardware for data centers, including the purposes and functionality of various types of hardware. You'll quickly learn data center hardware terminology that can supplement your skills and knowledge in the workplace.

Data Center Hardware - Chapter Summary

This chapter's professional instructors efficiently and clearly lay out the terms and concepts you need to know regarding data center hardware. The short and concise lessons cover topics such as data center hardware, construction, monitoring and management. You'll also become knowledgeable of the requirements and standards for data center security and cleaning.

These lessons provide clear and concise definitions of the most important data center hardware topics with illustrative examples that help reinforce what you learn. Text-based lessons can be accessed online at any time on any computer or mobile device, and they can be printed for offline study. Self-assessment quizzes are included for each lesson to help you make sure you've fully grasped each concept.

How It Helps

Educating yourself on foundational data center hardware can supplement your overarching knowledge of data center operations and build a versatile skill set. Knowing how data centers are built, monitored, managed and secured can help improve the functionality of your company's existing data centers. This understanding can also be used to enhance your knowledge and skills in this particular area of data center design, which can help you effectively navigate and achieve your professional goals.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, you'll be able to:

  • Know the steps for building a data center
  • Manage data center cables and power
  • Grasp how data center power is consumed, distributed and managed
  • Assess a data center's energy efficiency
  • Understand the requirements for monitoring data center power
  • Interpret physical security standards for data centers
  • Comprehend standards for cleaning data centers

8 Lessons in Chapter 10: Data Center Hardware
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How to Build a Data Center

1. How to Build a Data Center

Data centers are crucial to modern business, but they can't just be built in any fashion. This lesson teaches the crucial information needed to build data centers.

Data Center Cable Management

2. Data Center Cable Management

With all the other concerns about being a data center administrator, from security to power, you may wonder why you should care about cable management. This lesson will help you make the connection.

Data Center Power Management

3. Data Center Power Management

Power management for data centers is about more than just keeping costs low or the lights on. In fact, a great deal of the required information comes from places other than the power bill. In this lesson, we'll look closely at power management in data centers.

Data Center Power Consumption & Distribution

4. Data Center Power Consumption & Distribution

Data centers use an incredible amount of electricity, but where does it all go? This lesson shows how data centers use all that power and how it is distributed.

Data Center Energy Efficiency

5. Data Center Energy Efficiency

Considering the incredible amount of electricity that a typical data center uses, any way to make the place more energy efficient makes great economic and environmental sense. We'll be learning about energy efficiency in data centers in this lesson.

Data Center Power: Requirements & Monitoring

6. Data Center Power: Requirements & Monitoring

Data centers use an incredible amount of power, making it a substantial cost that spurs companies to calculate metrics such as Power Usage Effectiveness. This lesson looks at why data centers use so much power and how it is monitored.

Data Center Physical Security: Best Practices & Standards

7. Data Center Physical Security: Best Practices & Standards

Data centers are crucial to maintaining the data that companies require to do business. However, keeping it safe also means keeping the information of millions of consumers safe as well. In this lesson, we'll look at some of the industry's best standards and practices for this purpose.

Data Center Cleaning Standards

8. Data Center Cleaning Standards

If you think that a data center can just be any room that meets the redundancy requirements, think again! Spotless doesn't begin to describe how clean a data center should be. We'll look at the industry cleaning standards that help keep data quality perfect.

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