Ch 4: Dealing with Data

About This Chapter

Reinforce what you know about data types and data management tools and processes to support your IT career. Reviewing this type of material with these short lessons can help you apply the concepts and possibly take on more responsibilities in the workplace.

Dealing with Data - Chapter Summary

This chapter provides you with the opportunity to further develop your data management skills. You'll learn how to acquire, copy and transmit data. Additional lessons review data safety practices.

Get expert instruction contained in short text lessons that you can print and use as reference tools. At the end of each lesson, self-assessment quizzes allow you to see what you have retained and whether you need to further review any material. You can also contact instructors should you need any clarification of lesson content.

How It Helps

Strengthening your knowledge of digital data and abilities to manage the sending and saving of critical data can help you build credibility in the field. Once you have mastered these tools and techniques, you can increase your value to your present or new employers.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, you'll be able to:

  • Explain the differences between analog and digital data
  • Analyze data
  • Copy data between tables in MySQL databases
  • Maintain data safety
  • Use data management tools
  • Receive and send data

9 Lessons in Chapter 4: Dealing with Data
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What is Digital Data?

1. What is Digital Data?

These days, digital data is everywhere. In this lesson, we will define exactly what digital data is and explore how information is stored digitally in a computer.

Analog Data vs Digital Data

2. Analog Data vs Digital Data

Data can be expressed in two types -- analog and digital. Explore the differences between analog data and digital data, and discover examples of their use in measuring time, colors, telephone, sound, and frequency.

Digital Data: Analysis & Analytics

3. Digital Data: Analysis & Analytics

Digital data is everywhere. Why? Because computers use it, and computers are everywhere. As you can imagine, the analysis of this data can lead to many gains. This lesson will look at digital data, and how analysis and analytics relates to it.

Digital Data: Acquisition & Transmission

4. Digital Data: Acquisition & Transmission

Everyday we hear more and more about the importance of data, but how do we end up with all that information anyway? This lesson shows, at a very fundamental level, how digital data is created and transmitted.

How to Copy Data Between Tables in MySQL Databases

5. How to Copy Data Between Tables in MySQL Databases

In MySQL, data can be copied between tables using a combination of commands. Explore the proper syntax using INSERT, SELECT, and IGNORE to specify data when copying between tables and even new databases.

How to Copy MySQL Databases

6. How to Copy MySQL Databases

This lesson will cover the basics of copying MySQL databases. The syntax of copying a database will be detailed and explained, including the copying of databases from one machine to another.

Keeping Your Data Safe

7. Keeping Your Data Safe

More and more data is being stored online, meaning that more and more information must be protected and kept safe. This lesson details a number of best practices to keeping your data safe.

What is Data Management? - Definition & Tools

8. What is Data Management? - Definition & Tools

Data management is the development of tools that include multiple sections in order to manage the needs of an organization. Explore how these tools are used to accumulate data and handle the needs of an organization.

Digital Data Management

9. Digital Data Management

This lesson will confirm the student's understanding of digital data, identify the critical components of digital data management and explain the ongoing and growing need for the refinement of digital data management practices.

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