Ch 29: Describing a House in Spanish

About This Chapter

Watch online video lessons and learn how to talk about rooms in a house and their purpose in Spanish. Each lesson is accompanied by a short multiple-choice quiz to help check your understanding of these Spanish grammar and vocabulary topics.

Describing a House in Spanish - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

The video lessons in this chapter cover the Spanish vocabulary needed to talk about a house and what goes on inside it. You will learn the Spanish words for various rooms. This chapter also includes instruction on reflexive verbs, enabling you to converse about household activities, such as bathing and putting on makeup. You will also become familiar with how stem changing verbs work and practice using these verbs in a lesson involving rooms and activities in the home. By the end of these lessons, you should be proficient in the following:

  • Naming rooms in the house
  • Knowing and correctly using common stem change verbs
  • Using and correctly conjugating reflexive verbs
  • Talking about the home and daily activities

Video Objective
Spanish Vocabulary: Learning the Rooms in the House Learn the words for rooms in the house, including dormitorio, cocina, bano and garaje.
Stem Change Verbs in Spanish Introduces the concept of stem change verbs and some examples including poder, pensar and dormer.
Spanish Reflexive Verbs: Uses and Conjugation Introduces the concept of reflexive verbs and explains how they are conjugated, including where to place the reflexive pronouns.
Spanish Practice Activity: Using Stem Change Verbs to Describe the House Family members describe their favorite rooms and use stem change verbs to tell what occurs in those rooms.

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