Ch 3: Designing Influential Messages in Business

About This Chapter

It's easy to ensure managers and supervisors know how to design influential business messages by using this informative chapter for corporate training. Developed by educators, the lessons can be studied anywhere at any time.

Designing Influential Messages in Business - Chapter Summary

Our corporate training chapter on designing influential message in business is designed specifically for the needs of front-line managers. Short video lessons teach learners about impression management theory in sociology, being an audience-centered speaker, methods to grab an audience's attention and the ways in which perception influences communication. Along with each lesson, we've included a short self-assessment quiz you can use to ensure your supervisors understand the important concepts covered.

How It Helps

  • Boosts confidence: Leaders and managers who know how to speak effectively and grab an audience's attention can be more confident in carrying out their job duties.
  • Provides insight: Managers who are unfamiliar with designing influential business messages will learn the concepts needed to master these skills.
  • Encourages success: Ahead of an important speaking event or meeting, learning or brushing up on the materials provided in this chapter can help ensure success.

Skills Covered

Our chapter is designed to help managers achieve the following:

  • Define impression management theory in sociology
  • Outline what it means to be an audience-centered speaker
  • Discuss methods and tips for grabbing an audience's attention
  • Understand how perception influences communication
  • Use anecdotes in order to persuade audience members
  • Explain narrative transportation and its applications
  • Detail principles for developing sticky messages

7 Lessons in Chapter 3: Designing Influential Messages in Business
Impression Management in Sociology: Theory, Definition & Examples

1. Impression Management in Sociology: Theory, Definition & Examples

In this lesson, we will define the theory of impression management, examine the reasons people seek to influence others' perceptions and the ways they seek to accomplish it.

Be an Audience-Centered Speaker: Focusing on Listeners' Needs

2. Be an Audience-Centered Speaker: Focusing on Listeners' Needs

The best way a speaker can ensure that his message is communicated effectively is to consider his audience and their biases and beliefs. Getting to know and understand the audience will help to create a speech that carries meaning.

Grabbing the Audience's Attention: Methods & Tips

3. Grabbing the Audience's Attention: Methods & Tips

Attention getting devices are a good way to start your speech, capture the audience's attention, and give a good first impression. This lesson discusses the different types of attention getting devices.

How Perception Influences the Communication Process

4. How Perception Influences the Communication Process

Perception's effect on the communication process is all about how the same message can be interpreted differently by different people. Distortions, such as stereotypes, projections and halo effects, all affect worker relationships and productivity.

Using Anecdotes to Persuade an Audience

5. Using Anecdotes to Persuade an Audience

In this lesson, you're going to learn about anecdotes. First, you'll learn what they are. Then, you'll learn some tips on how to formulate good ones for yourself. Finally, you'll learn why they're effective tools of persuasion.

Narrative Transportation: Definition & Application

6. Narrative Transportation: Definition & Application

This lesson covers the theory of narrative transportation. You'll learn what it is, what important concepts it entails, and how it can be applied to the workplace.

Principles for Creating Sticky Messages

7. Principles for Creating Sticky Messages

If you want to create a message that employees remember and act on, get sticky! In this lesson, we'll cover the principles of SUCCES, six steps from simplicity to stories to making a message stickier.

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Influence & Persuasion for Front-Line Managers
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