Ch 8: Determinants in Health Policy

About This Chapter

If you need to quickly review health policy determinants for an upcoming exam or homework assignment, take a look at this convenient study guide chapter. Inside, you'll find short lessons and mini quizzes that can be accessed any time that fits your schedule.

Determinants in Health Policy - Chapter Summary

This chapter provides a high-level overview of determinants in health policy. Taught by expert instructors, these lessons explain the relationships between health care policy and different political systems, leaders and sociocultural norms. You'll also examine health policy resources and stakeholders. Each lesson comes with a short quiz, and the chapter concludes with a multiple-choice exam. You can also submit questions to our instructors if you have any, and the chapter is accessible on virtually any device that has an Internet connection. By the end of the chapter, you should be equipped to:

  • Evaluate examples of determinants in health policy
  • Explain how leaders and political systems can affect health care policy
  • Describe the effect that sociocultural norms can have on health care problems
  • Recognize health policy stakeholders
  • Identify financial and administrative health policy resources

5 Lessons in Chapter 8: Determinants in Health Policy
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Determinants of Health Policy: Definition & Examples

1. Determinants of Health Policy: Definition & Examples

Determinants of health policy are influenced by many different factors such as behavior, biology, health services, social factors, and policies. This lesson will discuss definitions and examples of health policy determinants.

How Political Systems & Leaders Affect Health Care Policy

2. How Political Systems & Leaders Affect Health Care Policy

In this lesson, you'll learn how political systems and leaders affect health care policy. We'll explore effective development and implementation. We'll also look at a current example of a health care debate and the views of two government parties.

How Sociocultural Norms Affect Health Care Problems

3. How Sociocultural Norms Affect Health Care Problems

This lesson focuses on the effects sociocultural norms have on decisions and policies related to healthcare. A definition of sociocultural norms is provided as well as their role in decision and policy making.

Identifying Health Policy Stakeholders

4. Identifying Health Policy Stakeholders

In the highly regulated healthcare industry, there are many participants who each have their own point of view, from providers to patients. This lesson will identify these stakeholders and the role they play in changing healthcare policy.

Health Policy Resources: Financial & Administrative

5. Health Policy Resources: Financial & Administrative

Health policies are important to public health and general health care. This lesson will discuss financial and administrative resources for health policies.

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