Ch 3: Developing Adaptable Employees

About This Chapter

In this chapter, your company's managers can study short and simple lessons about developing adaptable employees. Managers can review these lessons at any time to improve their management skills.

Developing Adaptable Employees - Chapter Summary

This chapter is designed for managers and supervisors who want to encourage and develop adaptability in their employees. As your managers work through this series of engaging and expertly taught lessons, they'll study managerial concepts that are designed to make employees more adaptable in different work roles.

The chapter comes with short quizzes to help your employees review the material. You can assign these lessons to your employees at any time, and they can also be incorporated into manager training sessions. These resources are accessible on any device that is connected to the Internet.

How It Helps

  • Builds awareness: The chapter helps managers become aware of strong adaptability and self-management skills.
  • Strengthens managerial skills: Lessons cover concepts that can help managers become better at encouraging adaptability in their work teams.
  • Improves team performance: Managers who complete the chapter can use the included methods to make their teams more adaptable to a variety of work situations.

Skills Covered

By the end of the chapter, managers should be able to:

  • Help employees become more adaptable
  • Assess the differences between Sydney Fine's skill types
  • Recognize the skills of an adaptable employee
  • Evaluate examples of strong self-management skills
  • Show employees how to adapt to remote work environments

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