Ch 4: Developing Cultural Agility in Organizations

About This Chapter

The short lessons in this informative chapter can enhance your corporate training sessions as you discuss cultural agility in the workplace. Utilizing these lessons can help your managers and supervisors become culturally agile leaders and enhance your organization's cultural agility.

Developing Cultural Agility in Organizations - Chapter Summary

Culturally agile businesses ensure their leaders have the knowledge and skills needed to lead in a diverse setting. This chapter takes a close look at the concept of cultural agility and examines ways organizations can become culturally agile. Lessons explore the characteristics of culturally agile leaders, how to develop cultural adaptability, ways to determine readiness for cross-cultural training among many other topics.

To make the most of this chapter, feel free to pick the lessons you believe will best strengthen your corporate training sessions. Around-the-clock mobile access allows your managers and supervisors to explore the lessons during your sessions or review them independently during the most convenient timeframes. Multiple-choice quizzes are available to test your trainees' comprehension of each lesson, while a broader exam gauges their knowledge of the entire chapter.

How It Helps

  • Defines key concepts: Lessons in this chapter provide definitions of important concepts, including cultural adaptability and global mobility.
  • Offers methods and strategies: This chapter offers methods for acquiring organizational cultural agility and strategies for developing cultural adaptability.
  • Strengthens leadership: Your managers and supervisors will have the skills needed to understand a diversity of perspectives and foster an environment that respects cultural differences.

Skills Covered

Upon completion of this chapter, your managers and supervisors will be ready to:

  • Adopt important characteristics of culturally agile leaders
  • List and utilize tangible methods to acquire cultural agility within your organization
  • Define and begin developing cultural adaptability
  • Share strategies for determining readiness for cross-cultural training
  • Incorporate cultural agility competencies into different international assignment goals

6 Lessons in Chapter 4: Developing Cultural Agility in Organizations
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Characteristics of Culturally Agile Leaders

1. Characteristics of Culturally Agile Leaders

In today's workplace, agility is a characteristic of the most effective leaders. Dealing with cultural differences is part of the modern leadership challenge. Learn about what makes a leader not just agile, but culturally agile in this lesson.

Practical Application: Characteristics of Culturally Agile Leaders

2. Practical Application: Characteristics of Culturally Agile Leaders

Agility is often considered merely a physical trait. Read on to discover how agility also plays a major role in the cultural aspects of making business decisions.

Acquiring Organizational Cultural Agility

3. Acquiring Organizational Cultural Agility

This lesson explains methods of learning about cultural agility, such as training sessions, language lessons, books, and personal coaches. It also identifies experiential ways of learning cultural agility.

Cultural Adaptability: Definition & Development

4. Cultural Adaptability: Definition & Development

This lesson defines cultural adaptability. It explains how managers can teach employees to be more respectful and considerate of different cultural backgrounds to help team members to work within a diverse team.

Cross-Cultural Training Programs: Components & Delivery Methods

5. Cross-Cultural Training Programs: Components & Delivery Methods

Today's workplace is a diverse one, where people interact on a daily basis with other cultures. In this lesson, you'll learn how to plan and deliver effective cross-cultural training programs.

Developing Cultural Agility Through International Assignments

6. Developing Cultural Agility Through International Assignments

The 21st century global economy means more and more companies are moving staff around the globe. Learn how cultural agility can improve the success of global assignments.

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