Ch 25: Diagnosing & Treating Coughs

About This Chapter

Review the diagnosis and treatment of coughs with this comprehensive chapter. This collection of lessons and quizzes can help any professional who needs to understand cough treatments for training or continuing education purposes.

Diagnosis & Treating Coughs - Chapter Summary

This convenient online chapter explores the diagnosis and treatment of different types of coughs. Through a series of engaging and informative lessons, you'll study the causes, symptoms and treatments for croup cough, whooping cough and dry cough. You'll also see how croup cough differs from bronchitis and epiglottitis.

These lessons are designed to be simple, straightforward and concise. Following each lesson is a short quiz to help you reinforce the cough-related terms you learn. To help you study wherever it's convenient, we've made the chapter accessible on any device that has an Internet connection.

How It Helps

This chapter can help you improve your cough diagnostic and treatment knowledge for first aid or CPR purposes. The chapter can benefit anyone who needs to apply this type of knowledge for a training or continuing education course. Equipping yourself with this knowledge can also help you diagnose coughs in both professional and non-professional settings.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the differences between croup cough, whooping cough, epiglottitis and bronchitis
  • Recognize the causes, symptoms and treatments for dry and croup coughs
  • Assess the contagious period for croup cough
  • Identify several types of coughs

8 Lessons in Chapter 25: Diagnosing & Treating Coughs
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Croup vs. Whooping Cough

1. Croup vs. Whooping Cough

In this lesson, we will learn about two types of cough that often affect children: croup and whooping cough. We will help identify ways to differentiate the two.

Croup vs. Epiglottitis

2. Croup vs. Epiglottitis

Croup and epiglottitis are two different infections that can affect the airways of young children. In this lesson, we will learn about both croup and epiglottitis. We will look at the symptoms of each and learn how to differentiate the two illnesses.

Bronchiolitis vs. Croup

3. Bronchiolitis vs. Croup

Bronchiolitis and croup are common respiratory illnesses in pediatrics. In this lesson we will learn about both: their similarities and differences as well as treatment options.

Croup Cough: Causes & Contagious Period

4. Croup Cough: Causes & Contagious Period

Croup is easy to identify by its distinctive cough. In this lesson we will learn more about croup and what causes it. We will also look at the contagious period of croup.

Croup Cough: Symptoms & Treatment

5. Croup Cough: Symptoms & Treatment

Having a child with croup is not fun at all for the child or the parent. In this lesson, we will learn about the symptoms of croup and how to treat it.

Dry Cough: Definition & Causes

6. Dry Cough: Definition & Causes

Coughing is something we have all experienced at one time or another. Having a dry cough can be frustrating and annoying. In this lesson, we will look at what might be causing that dry cough.

Dry Cough: Symptoms & Treatment

7. Dry Cough: Symptoms & Treatment

A cough can impact your quality of life. Frequent coughing is exhausting, can interfere with your sleep, and can even result in broken ribs. In this lesson, we will learn about causes and symptoms of a dry cough as well as how best to treat it.

Types of Coughs

8. Types of Coughs

Coughs are seen as warning signs that there is something wrong in your body or environment. However there are different types of coughs with different characteristics and underlying reasons. Learn about differences in coughs in this lesson.

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