Ch 31: Diagnostics, Testing & Procedures for Nursing

About This Chapter

Let us help you review information about diagnostic and treatment procedures with the use of this chapter's lessons and quizzes. Our study tools can help you quickly master these topics that nurses should know.

Diagnostics, Testing & Procedures for Nursing - Chapter Summary

Going through the lessons in this chapter allows you to review and learn more about how nurses test and diagnose patients. You'll study diagnostic procedures and learn about ways to prevent and treat various types of complications. The topics in this chapter include:

  • Importance of diagnosing diseases
  • Different types of tests that are used to screen for diseases and illnesses
  • How diagnostic imaging helps aid in a diagnosis
  • Different ways to treat disease such as medication and surgical treatment
  • Factors that impact the effectiveness of treatment
  • Complications and errors that arise from the diagnostic
  • Consequences that can happen with surgical procedures
  • Examples of therapeutic procedures

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8 Lessons in Chapter 31: Diagnostics, Testing & Procedures for Nursing
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Diagnosing Disease: Definition, Process & Steps

1. Diagnosing Disease: Definition, Process & Steps

The process of diagnosis disease in patients involves several steps that allow a doctor or healthcare professional to collect information. In this lesson we'll walk through those steps to help you understand how a diagnosis is made.

Screening Tests: Purpose & Types

2. Screening Tests: Purpose & Types

Screening tests are important for catching diseases early or preventing them altogether. In this lesson we'll talk about screening tests that help keep you healthy from the time before you are born all the way through adulthood.

Diagnostic Techniques: Purpose & Methods

3. Diagnostic Techniques: Purpose & Methods

In this lesson we will cover the purpose and methods of certain diagnostic testing. Following basic screening tests, further diagnostic testing is often needed to monitor or understand diseases or dysfunctions.

Treating Disease: Techniques & Principles

4. Treating Disease: Techniques & Principles

In this lesson, we're going to delve into the various techniques utilized for the treatment of some common diseases. We'll also look at the principles behind why the different types of techniques are used.

Factors Affecting Treatment

5. Factors Affecting Treatment

We are going to look at different categories of factors that affect the treatment process. Examples of each category will be given to further explore how they interfere with treatment.

Potential for Complications: Diagnostics, Treatments & Procedures

6. Potential for Complications: Diagnostics, Treatments & Procedures

Complications may occur with any medical care. In this lesson, we will review potential complications for different diagnostics, treatments, and procedures.

Potential for Complications from Surgical
Procedures & Health Alterations

7. Potential for Complications from Surgical Procedures & Health Alterations

While surgical procedures have good intentions, operations are actually quite dangerous and may lead to negative outcomes. Read this lesson to learn about the most common surgical complications and how they might be prevented.

Therapeutic Procedures: Definition & Examples

8. Therapeutic Procedures: Definition & Examples

Medicine has a range of therapeutic procedures. This lesson defines therapeutic procedures and gives you some examples, including radiation, fluid, oxygen therapy, and chemotherapy.

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