Ch 1: Dinosaur Classifications

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Discover or strengthen your existing knowledge of dinosaur classifications using the study tools in this short chapter. Entertaining lessons, mini quizzes and a practice exam can improve and assess your understanding as you work on an assignment or study for a quiz or test.

Dinosaur Classifications - Chapter Summary

Whether you're learning about dinosaur classifications for the first time or hope to expand or refresh your current understanding, this chapter can help! Review fun lessons developed by top instructors to gain greater insight into bipedal, saurischian, ceratopsian, tyrannosaurid and other types of dinosaurs. Study their definitions, characteristics, families and more. When ready, gauge your comprehension of these dinosaurs by taking multiple-choice quizzes and a practice exam. Completing this chapter will enable you to:

  • List facts and characteristics of ornithischian and ornithopod dinosaurs
  • Define and share facts about sauropod dinosaurs
  • Provide the definition of the Ceratosaurus
  • Describe and share facts about coelurosauria dinosaurs
  • Identify and discuss types of stegosaurian and raptor dinosaurs
  • Discuss types and characteristics of the Abelisauridae group of dinosaurs
  • Share the definition of and facts about the Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Explain facts about carcharodontosaurids and duck-billed dinosaurs
  • Examine the family of Spinosauridae dinosaurs

16 Lessons in Chapter 1: Dinosaur Classifications
Saurischian Dinosaurs: Facts & Examples

1. Saurischian Dinosaurs: Facts & Examples

What are Saurischian dinosaurs and what separates them from others? Are there any special traits to identify them? In this lesson, we will explore the answer to these questions and even take a look at different dinosaurs in this group.

Ornithischian Dinosaurs: Types & Characteristics

2. Ornithischian Dinosaurs: Types & Characteristics

What is an Ornithischian dinosaur? How were they different from the other types? What are their defining characteristics? If you have these questions, take a look at the following lesson to get all the answers and then some.

Bipedal Dinosaurs: Types & Examples

3. Bipedal Dinosaurs: Types & Examples

Bipedal dinosaurs include some of the scariest dinosaurs that ever roamed the earth. This lesson will define the word bipedal, and then will highlight some truly amazing bipedal dinosaurs.

Sauropod Dinosaurs: Definition & Facts

4. Sauropod Dinosaurs: Definition & Facts

Do you know what the largest animals to have ever walked the Earth were called? You'll find out on this lesson about the size, characteristics, and life of sauropods.

Ornithopod Dinosaurs: Facts & Characteristics

5. Ornithopod Dinosaurs: Facts & Characteristics

What are ornithopod dinosaurs? In this lesson, you'll learn the answer to this question, as well as a lot of other interesting facts and characteristics about some of the ornithopods.

Ceratosaurus: Definition & Facts

6. Ceratosaurus: Definition & Facts

Ceratosaurus nasicornis sounds like a bunch of gibberish. But once you're done with this lesson, you'll not only understand why this dinosaur's name makes perfect sense, you'll also learn a whole lot more about this creature in the process.

Coelurosauria Dinosaurs: Definition & Facts

7. Coelurosauria Dinosaurs: Definition & Facts

The term Coelurosauria might seem like a bunch of random letters strung together, but in this lesson you'll be really surprised to learn some fascinating facts about this group of dinosaurs.

Ceratopsian Dinosaurs: Types & Facts

8. Ceratopsian Dinosaurs: Types & Facts

Did an epic battle between Triceratops and T. rex ever take place? You'll find out in this lesson as you learn some facts about, and characteristics of, Ceratopsian dinosaurs.

Stegosaurian Dinosaurs: Types & Facts

9. Stegosaurian Dinosaurs: Types & Facts

Learning about dinosaurs is always fun, right? Well, the Stegosaurian dinosaurs are no exception. This lesson will highlight this group of stout herbivores and give some information on several genera that fall under this grouping.

Abelisauridae: Types & Characteristics

10. Abelisauridae: Types & Characteristics

What is an Abelisauridae? How big where they and what were some of their defining characteristics? If you want the answer to these questions, take a look at the lesson below to dig up the truth.

Raptor Dinosaurs: Types & Facts

11. Raptor Dinosaurs: Types & Facts

If you have seen the movie, Jurassic Park you may think you know all about raptors, but there is more. Raptors are a group of carnivorous dinosaurs that most likely evolved into birds. Read on to learn what these dinosaurs looked like and what makes them unique from other types of dinosaurs.

Tyrannosaurid Dinosaurs: Family & Types

12. Tyrannosaurid Dinosaurs: Family & Types

Tyrannosaurid dinosaurs once ruled the earth. This group of top predators was fierce and tyrannical, as their name implies. This lesson will go over some of the characteristics this group shared and then will highlight some Tyrannosaurid genera.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Definition & Facts

13. Tyrannosaurus Rex: Definition & Facts

You may have had one of these in your nightmares: the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, a fearsome dinosaur. Read this lesson to find out more amazing facts about it.

Carcharodontosaurids: Definition & Facts

14. Carcharodontosaurids: Definition & Facts

What are Carcharodontosaurids (car-care-uh-DON-tow-sore-ids)? How big were these dinosaurs and what were some of their important characteristics? In this lesson, we will define and examine some of the important facts about Carcharodontosaurids.

Spinosauridae Dinosaurs: Family & Facts

15. Spinosauridae Dinosaurs: Family & Facts

Sure T. rex gets all the glory, but this family of dinosaur contains a member that was larger than the mighty T. rex. This lesson will explore the Spinosauridae family and then will highlight some of the genera within this group.

Duck-Billed Dinosaurs: Facts & Types

16. Duck-Billed Dinosaurs: Facts & Types

Did some dinosaurs really have and use snorkels to help the swim in the water? In this lesson, you're going to find out the answer as you learn about duck-billed dinosaurs.

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