Ch 19: Discussing Art & Architecture in Spanish

About This Chapter

In this chapter, our expert instructors help you talk about art and architecture in Spanish. You can use these fun lessons and quizzes as test preparation resources, homework help tools, tutoring solutions and more.

Discussing Art & Architecture in Spanish - Chapter Summary

Work through this collection of fun and informative Spanish lessons to study art and architecture-related vocabulary. Using a simplified and engaging teaching style, our instructors offer information and practice activities for architecture in Spanish-speaking countries, Spanish artists and Latin American art history. Each lesson comes with a a short quiz to help you remember important terms and concepts. You can also submit questions to our instructors if you have any. Upon completion of the chapter, you should be equipped to:

  • Identify famous and influential Spanish artists
  • Summarize the history of Latin American art
  • Read and interpret information about artists, movies and TV shows in Spanish
  • Discuss the architecture of Spanish-speaking countries

6 Lessons in Chapter 19: Discussing Art & Architecture in Spanish
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Famous Spanish Artists

1. Famous Spanish Artists

When we learn a language, we also learn about the culture that is attached to that language. This lesson identifies some famous Spanish artists and related vocabulary so you can speak about their works and styles.

Latin American Art History

2. Latin American Art History

Latin America is a large region, filled with a diverse range of people. Nevertheless, there are some common themes that appear. In this lesson, we'll explore trends in Latin American art history and see what connects this region.

Reading About Artists: Spanish Reading Activity

3. Reading About Artists: Spanish Reading Activity

In this lesson, we are going to put our Spanish art-related vocabulary to the test by participating in a Spanish reading activity. While doing so, we'll explore the biographies of two fascinating artists from Latin America and Spain.

Spanish Practice Activities: Movies and TV Shows

4. Spanish Practice Activities: Movies and TV Shows

After studying all the vocabulary related to movies and TV shows in this chapter, you probably feel like watching a movie. To help you pick out a good one, you will be listening to and/or reading a couple of Spanish movie reviews in this lesson.

Discussing Architecture in Spanish-Speaking Countries

5. Discussing Architecture in Spanish-Speaking Countries

Are you ready to travel to a Spanish-speaking country and talk about architecture? This lesson provides you with the basic terminology you need, including some architectural aspects that you commonly find in different countries of the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish Practice Activity 2: Where am I?

6. Spanish Practice Activity 2: Where am I?

This video allows students to practice their knowledge of buildings in a town, as well as prepositions of location. A speaker will describe where each building is in the town, and students must try to understand where that building will go before it appears on the screen.

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