Ch 5: Dislocations of the Knees & Ankles

About This Chapter

Work through this mobile-friendly chapter to review important knee and ankle dislocation topics. The chapter's bite-sized lessons and quizzes are designed to improve your knee and ankle dislocation knowledge for training and continuing education purposes.

Dislocations of the Knees & Ankles - Chapter Summary

This self-paced skills and training chapter covers essential information about ankle and knee dislocations. Taught by expert instructors, the chapter explores the symptoms, treatments and rehabilitation methods for dislocated ankles and knees, knee subluxation and congenital knee dislocations.

You'll be able to reinforce your understanding of these knee and ankle dislocations with the chapter's interactive self-assessment quizzes. Your course dashboard will keep track of your progress throughout the chapter, and you can revisit the lessons and quizzes as many times as you need. To make your studying experience convenient, we've made the chapter accessible on any device that has an Internet connection.

How It Helps

These training and continuing education resources can help any aspiring or current medical professional who needs to improve their understanding of knee and ankle dislocations. You can access the chapter at any time to supplement training materials and strengthen your diagnosis and treatment skills.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, you'll be able to:

  • Evaluate the symptoms, prognosis, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery time period for ankle dislocations
  • Describe the symptoms and treatments for dislocated knees and knee subluxation
  • Understand the causes of congenital knee dislocations
  • Identify different types of knee dislocations
  • Recognize rehabilitative exercises for knee dislocations

7 Lessons in Chapter 5: Dislocations of the Knees & Ankles
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Ankle Dislocation: Treatment, Rehab & Recovery Time

1. Ankle Dislocation: Treatment, Rehab & Recovery Time

An ankle dislocation occurs when the bones that make up the ankle joint are moved from their normal positions. Learn about the rehab, treatment, and recovery time for this injury.

Ankle Dislocation: Symptoms & Prognosis

2. Ankle Dislocation: Symptoms & Prognosis

A dislocated ankle occurs when one or more of the bones that make up the ankle joint get moved from their regular position. In this lesson, learn about the symptoms and prognosis for a dislocated ankle.

Dislocated Knee: Symptoms & Treatment

3. Dislocated Knee: Symptoms & Treatment

A dislocated knee is a serious injury in which the thigh bone and shin bone are pulled out of alignment. This lesson is about dislocation of the knee, how it occurs, and how it is treated.

Congenital Knee Dislocation: Treatment & Causes

4. Congenital Knee Dislocation: Treatment & Causes

Congenital knee dislocation is a condition in which a baby is born with a knee or knees that are out of proper alignment. In this lesson, learn about the causes and treatments for congenital knee dislocations.

Knee Dislocation: Rehab & Exercises

5. Knee Dislocation: Rehab & Exercises

A knee dislocation occurs when bones of the knee (fibula, tibia, femur, and patella) come out of their normal position. Learn how to rehabilitate this painful injury through a series of exercises.

Knee Dislocation: Types & Causes

6. Knee Dislocation: Types & Causes

A knee dislocation is an injury in which the bones that make up the knee joint are moved from their normal positions. In this lesson, learn about the types and causes of knee dislocations.

Knee Subluxation: Symptoms & Treatment

7. Knee Subluxation: Symptoms & Treatment

Knee subluxation is a condition in which the kneecap is constantly moving in and out of its normal position in the knee. In this lesson, learn about the symptoms and treatment for a knee subluxation.

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