Ch 4: DNA Replication & Mutation

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons to learn more about the process of DNA replication and how mutations occur in copied DNA. When you've finished each lesson, take the online self-assessment, which can show you how well you understood the topic.

DNA Replication & Mutation - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

DNA, also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, contains the blueprints of living things, including humans; it's located in the nucleus of every cell. DNA has the ability to make copies of itself; however, sometimes things go wrong, and those mistakes are called mutations. Use this series of lessons to explore how DNA makes copies of itself, and how that process can sometimes go wrong. In these videos, an experienced instructor will outline the concepts of DNA replication, enzymes and how they function in related processes, and mutation as they relate to the field of life science. By the time you complete this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Explain what DNA is and what it's made of
  • Outline the steps taken by DNA to create more copies of itself
  • Describe what enzymes are and their role in activation energy
  • Discuss mutations - or mistakes - in copied DNA

Video Objective
What is DNA? Define what DNA is and its make-up.
How Does DNA Replicate? Explain the process by which DNA makes copies of itself.
Function of Enzymes: Substrate, Active Site and Activation Energy Describe what enzymes do, and how they interact with substrate to lower the activation energy of reactions.
Mutations: When DNA Is Copied Wrong Explain what mutations are. Discuss how they occur and what happens when errors appear in replicated DNA.

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