Ch 15: DNA Technology and Genomics

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons and learn about DNA cloning and genetic testing technologies. These easy-to-follow lessons are just a portion of our online study guide and video collection.

DNA Technology and Genomics - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

The study of DNA technology and genomics involves the use of deoxyribonucleic acid for purposes of cloning and genetic testing. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that contains genetic information and is essential to the developmental and functional abilities of all living organisms, including viruses. Our knowledgeable instructors will begin the chapter with a discussion of cloning, the process by which identical copies are made of cells, DNA molecules or organisms. You'll also learn how genomic materials from cells or tissues, such as those found in amniotic fluid, blood and skin, are extracted and tested.

Using concise explanations and visuals, our instructors will also introduce you to some of the practical applications of genetic testing. These can include tests that are used to detect inherited disorders or potential birth defects, as well as those conducted for non-diagnostic forensic and parental identification purposes. Ethical and safety concerns associated with these cutting-edge technologies will also be covered.

After you've completed the chapter and taken the online self-assessment quizzes, you should:

  • Understand the steps involved in DNA analysis and cloning procedures
  • Be familiar with the diagnostic and non-diagnostic purposes of genetic testing
  • Understand the effects of the DNA technology on medicine and pharmacology
  • Be familiar with some of the moral and safety issues associated with cloning and genetic testing

DNA Cloning: Definition and Process Define and describe the process of DNA cloning within host molecules.
Genomic DNA Analysis Discuss the process of genomic DNA analysis and what we can learn from analyzing genomes.
Practical Applications of DNA Technology Highlight some of the practical applications of DNA technology. Examples may include reshaping the medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as forensic, environmental and agricultural applications.
Ethical and Safety Concerns for DNA Technology Describe some ethical and safety concerns associated with the use of DNA technologies.

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