Ch 18: Drug & Nutrient Interactions

About This Chapter

These video lessons will show you various ways drugs can interact with other substances and with body activity. You'll learn about food-drug as well as drug-drug interactions.

Drug and Nutrient Interactions - Chapter Summary

The lessons in this chapter explain how drugs can interact with foods, other drugs and substances in the body. Our instructors will show you about drug interactions with common foods and explain how prescription drugs can interact with common herbal supplements. Drug-nutrient interactions are also covered, including types and causes of nutrient depletion. You'll learn how some of this can be compensated for through better nutrition. These lessons should show you how to:

  • Define drug interaction
  • List common foods that often interact with drugs
  • Explain how food-drug interactions work
  • Name common drug-nutrient and drug-herb interactions
  • Cite recommendations to improve nutritional deficits in someone who drinks alcohol to excess

These brief, engaging video lessons can give you a solid overview of the subject, and you can test your knowledge through the multiple-choice quizzes at the end of each lesson. You can use video tags to find specific parts of the lesson you need to review, and even contact the instructor if you need more clarification.

5 Lessons in Chapter 18: Drug & Nutrient Interactions
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Drug Interactions With Other Drugs & Activity Within the Body

1. Drug Interactions With Other Drugs & Activity Within the Body

Drugs can affect your body in quite a few ways. You'll learn about how they affect you and how they interact with one another to affect you by learning about tolerance, cross-tolerance, the additive effect, synergism, potentiation, and antagonism.

Common Food & Drug Interactions

2. Common Food & Drug Interactions

Variety is nice when it comes to your diet. But if you take medication, you need to be aware of foods that interact with drugs. Learn how grapefruit juice, licorice, chocolate, aged cheese, leafy vegetables and other foods can interact with drugs.

Common Drug-Nutrient & Drug-Herb Interactions

3. Common Drug-Nutrient & Drug-Herb Interactions

Nutrients and the natural compounds found in herbs help your body perform well. However, if you are taking a medication, you need to be aware of potentially dangerous drug and nutrient or drug and herb interactions.

Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion

4. Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion

When you take a drug, it can relieve your symptoms, but it might cause your body to lose nutrients. Learn about commonly used drugs that can deplete nutrients, including statins, acid reducers, antibiotics, NSAIDs and diuretics.

Nutrients Depleted by Alcohol Consumption

5. Nutrients Depleted by Alcohol Consumption

When consumed in moderation, alcohol is tolerated by your body. However, when alcohol is consumed in excess, it can deplete vital nutrients. Learn how B vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins, minerals and macronutrients are depleted when alcohol is abused.

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