Ch 28: Early Civilizations in the Americas

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons and discover the early civilizations that prospered in North and South America. The self-assessment quizzes that follow each lesson can help you gauge your comprehension of the chapter material.

Early Civilizations in the Americas - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Long before the European conquistadors and explorers discovered the supposedly New World, several indigenous peoples called the Americas home. In this chapter, you will find out about the social structures and cultures of these early civilizations in North and South America. By studying the lessons, you'll learn about:

  • How Native Americans originally got to the Americas
  • What civilizations called Mesoamerica home
  • How early civilizations prospered in the Andes Mountains
  • What factors contributed to pre-Columbian cultural development

Native American History: Origins of Early People in the AmericasExplore the theories of how Native Americans originally came to the Americas.
Mesoamerican Civilizations: The Olmecs to CortesLearn about the cultures, social structures and accomplishments of Mesoamerican civilizations.
Ancient Andean Peoples: Chavin & IncaDiscover the cultures and way of life among ancient Andean peoples like the Inca.
Pre-Columbian Culture & DevelopmentGet details on cultural development and the social organization of pre-Columbian peoples
Early Civilizations of the AndesSee how civilizations like the Nazca succeeded even in the environment of South America's Andes Mountains.

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