Ch 14: Early West African Culture & Development

About This Chapter

Use the engaging lessons in this chapter to acquaint your students with early West African culture and development. These lessons, along with additional teacher resources, can enhance your classroom instruction and improve learning outcomes for your students.

Early West African Culture & Development - Chapter Summary

This self-paced chapter provides all the teacher resources you need to strengthen your instruction of early West African culture and development. Use fun lessons to enhance your curriculum, develop quality lessons, supplement classroom learning materials. Among the topics covered in this chapter include Timbuktu, the history of Islam in Africa and the Mali Empire.

Multiple-choice quizzes are available to test your students' understanding of any lessons you share in the classroom. Use our practice exam to check their comprehension of the entire chapter.

How It Helps

  • Offers a comprehensive overview: Lessons offer a well-rounded examination of various historical aspects of early West Africa.
  • Enhances classroom instruction: This chapter's lessons and quizzes can be used in the classroom as supplemental learning tools that enhance your instruction.
  • Strengthens learning outcomes: Using the teacher resources in this chapter to strengthen your curriculum and classroom lessons can effectively improve your students' learning outcomes.

Skills Covered

After utilizing the teacher resources in this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Help your students understand the history, location and important facts about Timbuktu
  • Strengthen students' knowledge of the Ghana Empire in Africa from 830 to 1235 CE
  • Provide in-depth explanations of religion and culture during the Trans-Saharan Caravan Trade
  • Create informative lessons covering the Mali Empire in Africa during the 13th to 16th centuries
  • Detail the history of Islam in Africa for your students
  • Develop fun lessons that cover the cultural legacy of West Africa

6 Lessons in Chapter 14: Early West African Culture & Development
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Timbuktu: History, Location & Facts

1. Timbuktu: History, Location & Facts

There's a popular expression some use to describe a long distance and they say that something is, 'as far away as Timbuktu'. Let's look at the history and facts of this African city and see why we hear this popular saying.

The Ghana Empire in Africa (830-1235 CE)

2. The Ghana Empire in Africa (830-1235 CE)

This lesson explores the Ghana Empire of West Africa. In doing so, it highlights the gold and salt trade of the region, which made the empire wealthy. It also discusses the importance of iron smelting and taxation.

The Trans-Saharan Caravan Trade, Religion & Culture

3. The Trans-Saharan Caravan Trade, Religion & Culture

This lesson explains the history of the trans-Saharan caravan trade. We highlight the Berbers, the role of the camel, and the introduction of Islam to West Africa.

The Mali Empire in Africa (13th-16th Centuries)

4. The Mali Empire in Africa (13th-16th Centuries)

This lesson gives a brief overview of the Mali Empire. It focuses on the rule of Sundiata Keita and the salt and gold trade of the empire. It also highlights the wealth and pilgrimage of the famous Mansu Musa.

History of Islam in Africa

5. History of Islam in Africa

Islam quickly spread from the Arabian Peninsula into Africa, and as this lesson shows, was able to move quickly throughout much of the continent. Read on to learn more about Islam and its spread throughout ancient Africa.

Ancient West African Kingdoms

6. Ancient West African Kingdoms

In this lesson, we'll explore the three major kingdoms of Ancient West Africa: Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. We'll learn about their politics, military, economy, and culture.

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